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1955 55 Cadillac Fleetwood Good Project Parts Car on

US $2,500.00

Great Bend, Kansas, US

Great Bend, Kansas, US

195 Cadillac Fleetwood that would be a good project or parts car.  I pulled this car out of a barn a couple of years ago along with 4 other Cadillacs.  This car had been sitting in there for over 20 years.  This car is mostly complete with only a few small pieces missing.  Call for more details, 620-786-4428

Body- The body is mostly complete with only a few small pieces missing.  It is still pretty solid, but the frt floor pans are rusted out.  The rear bumper ends are rusted out.  The spare tire well is rusted out, but the rest of the trunk looks good. 

Drivetrain - I have never had this car running.  It does still have its original drivetrain intact.  Everything under the hood looks original except the air cleaner is missing.

Interior - The interior is all there and the dash is intact, but it will need restored to be nice.  The front and back seats are there.

A/C - This car does have factory a/c and it looks complete.  The box is still in the trunk and the controls are still mounted under the dash.  The compressor, lines, and condensor are all still under the hood. 

This car would make a great parts car or you could almost make a driver out of it with its original look.  No paypal on vehicles.  The car will roll for loading.  I hate to cut the car up since it is so original and complete, but if it does not sell, it will be parted out at some point. 


This is a salvage vehicle and is being sold for parts only. It is not operational or street legal. Therefore, upon purchase, it will need to be either towed or put on a trailer. This item is NOT eligible for the eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection Program.

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