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2007 Rev 800r Ski Doo Oem Head on

US $95.00

Denver, Colorado, United States

Denver, Colorado, United States
good used condition

this is a good head of this Ski Doo Summit 800 perfect to have 1 to get milled down and one run stock. Or whatever you need

The Hongqi L5 is the most expensive Chinese car you can buy

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China's oldest car company rolled out its first vehicle on Aug. 1, 1958; it was a chrome-lined black sedan designed -- like the pastiche of 1950s cars it resembled, including the Packard-esque Chaika -- to strike equal amounts of fear and inspiration into the revolutionaries. In Chinese, "Hongqi" in means "red flag," the most potent symbol of the Chinese Communist Party, making it a fitting name for a company that supplied the apparatchik.

Dodge Journey (2007): first official pictures

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By Tim Pollard First Official Pictures 28 August 2007 10:30 The Dodge Journey. Don't tell me... it's the start of a new journey for the fledgling car maker?

VW BlueSport roadster is ready to leap from concept to showroom

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The old red Volkswagen Golf GTI screams to a halt. Before we know what's happening, its young driver leaps out and is firing questions in a broad southern German accent. We're pretty sure it went something like this: "How much?