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2011 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic Oem Valve(s): 17.5x23.8x0.5 Seat Spring on

US $4.69

Dimondale, Michigan, United States

Dimondale, Michigan, United States
Condition:New Brand:Kawasaki Genuine OEM:Yes Diagram Reference Number:16007 Manufacturer Part Number:16007-1178 UPC:Does Not Apply

All Parts for 2011 Kawasaki VULCAN 900 CLASSIC Valve(s)

Reference Number Part Number Item Name
12011 12011-1051 Collet
49078 49078-1090 Engine Outer Valve Spring
12016A 12016-0020 Exhaust Rocker Arm
92144A 92144-1900 Exhaust Rocker Arm Spring
12005 12005-1225 Exhaust Valve
12016 12016-0019 Intake Rocker Arm
92144 92144-1899 Intake Rocker Arm Spring
12004 12004-1139 Intake Valve
92180J 92180-1213 T=1.70 Shim
92180I 92180-1212 T=1.75 Shim
92180H 92180-1211 T=1.80 Shim
92180G 92180-1210 T=1.85 Shim
92180F 92180-1209 T=1.90 Shim
92180E 92180-1208 T=1.95 Shim
92025 92025-1870 T=2.00 Shim
92025A 92025-1871 T=2.05 Shim
92025B 92025-1872 T=2.10 Shim
92025C 92025-1873 T=2.15 Shim
92025D 92025-1874 T=2.20 Shim
92025E 92025-1875 T=2.25 Shim
92025F 92025-1876 T=2.30 Shim
92025G 92025-1877 T=2.35 Shim
92180 92180-1058 T=2.375 Shim
92025H 92025-1878 T=2.40 Shim
92025U 92025-1982 T=2.425 Shim
92025I 92025-1879 T=2.45 Shim
92025V 92025-1983 T=2.475 Shim
92025J 92025-1880 T=2.50 Shim
92025W 92025-1984 T=2.525 Shim
92025K 92025-1881 T=2.55 Shim
92025X 92025-1985 T=2.575 Shim
92025L 92025-1882 T=2.60 Shim
92180A 92180-1059 T=2.625 Shim
92025M 92025-1883 T=2.65 Shim
92180B 92180-1194 T=2.675 Shim
92025N 92025-1884 T=2.70 Shim
92180C 92180-1195 T=2.725 Shim
92025O 92025-1885 T=2.75 Shim
92180D 92180-1196 T=2.775 Shim
92025P 92025-1886 T=2.80 Shim
92025Q 92025-1887 T=2.85 Shim
92025R 92025-1888 T=2.90 Shim
92025S 92025-1889 T=2.95 Shim
92025T 92025-1890 T=3.00 Shim
12009 12009-3701 Valve Spring Retainer
92049 92049-1218 VSB58.558 Oil Seal

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