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428 Cj 428cj Cobra Jet Engine - Complete Bolt-in - Plug-n-play on

US $17,900.00

Enterprise, Alabama, United States

Enterprise, Alabama, United States

For Sale is a Complete 1969 428 Cobra Jet Engine - $17,900

Update - 4/19/2016:
All I did was remove the background (my living room) from most of the photos. I replaced a few photos that were taken before
I installed the looped off heater hose, and the vacuum lines. All photos are of the actual item. This is the engine you will
Thanks for viewing my listing.

My cost in this engine is right at $15,500.00. The fees associated with this sale are 13%. I can't take that loss...

...therefore I arrive at my list price.........  15,500 / 0.87 = 17,816.09

Call me with any questions (334)477-4146

I have gone through all of the expense and hassle of gathering all of the correct parts to build a meticulously detailed 428 Cobra Jet Engine.
You can't build a 428 Cobra Jet Engine, using the original components, the right machinist and right mechanic for less. I spent an entire year
gathering pieces, parts and components to assemble two of these engines. This is the first of the two; is assembled; it's ready, and it's done

I started this as a project for myself. Everything I gathered, and the work that I outsourced was going into a product that would be mine - no
shortcuts, no skimping - Only the best would do. I was building a car that I would drive periodically. Not a show car, not a daily driver, and
not a garage queen. I didn't want headers; I didn't want Edelbrock aluminum parts. Aesthetically I wanted an engine in my 1969 Mach 1 428
Cobra Jet car to look 100% original and authentic. I began gathering parts.

I scrapped the project and sold the car that was a Q-Code, C6 Automatic originally. This engine is the result of scrapping that project. I want
to buy a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang 428 Cobra Jet, R-Code car with a 4-Speed Manual Toploader Transmission, all 100% numbers
matching restored or unrestored - preferably unrestored.

If your car is ready to go, and all you need is an engine, then buy this one. You should be driving within two hours - if not, hire another mechanic.

428CJ-Exquisite Detail
        This is the actual item that you will receive - Newly rebuilt; Exquisite Detail - Authentic Cobra Jet Components - Beautiful!

This engine is perfect for you:

  • Rescued and restoring any of the 1968-1970 Ford/Mercury Cobra Jet Cars
  • Restoring a 1968/1969 Shelby GT500
  • Building a Cobra Jet or Shelby Replica or Tribute Car
  • Want to add the hottest engine of the era to your classic Ford/Mercury
  • Newly Rebuilt
  • Complete:
                 -from carburetor to oil pan
                 -from Clutch/Cooling Fan to Manual Transmission Flywheel
                 -from 428 Cobra Jet Exhaust Manifold to 428 Cobra Jet Exhaust Manifold
  • Yes this engine is properly balanced for a 428CJ
  • Yes the oiling modifications are done
  • Buyer responsible for proper camshaft break-in
  • 5-Quart Lucas Engine Break-In Oil Included

This Engine is built using Authentic Ford 428 Cobra Jet Components:

  • C6ME-A 428 Cobra Jet Engine Block
                 - C-Scratch - YES
                 - Additional webbing on main crank saddles - YES
                 - Original Vehicle VIN struck on pad at rear of engine block - YES
                 - Original/Authentic 428 Cobra Jet Engine Block - YES
  • 1UB Crankshaft
  • C7AE-B Connecting Rods
  • C8OE-6090-N Cylinder Heads
  • C8OE-9430/C8OE-9431 Exhaust Manifolds
  • C9AF-9510-U Ford/Holley (Service Replacement) Carburetor
  • C7AE-9425-F Ford Aluminum Police Interceptor Intake Manifold
  • Includes Motor Mounts - block plates, insulators and hardware
  • Includes New Z-Bar bracket (Engine Side, with new bushings, retaining clip, hardware, etc.)
  • Chrome "Power By Ford" Valve Covers - (Authentic/Original 1969 Date Code)

The exhaust manifolds are bolted in place for shipping (4-bolts each side - I'm not sure if they should be permanently installed prior to installation into the vehicle or not).
There is no gasket; Ford exhaust manifolds are metal-to-metal. Use a thin coat of Permatex Ultra Copper High Temperature Sealer between head and manifold; manifold
and spacer - All new, unopened hardware included.

The engine is done in exquisite detail. It is a complete 1969 428 Cobra Jet Engine. It is complete from carburetor to oil pan, from Clutch/Cooling Fan to Manual Flywheel
and from 428 Cobra Jet Exhaust Manifold to 428 Cobra Jet Exhaust Manifold. The parts are original 48-year old parts (as much as possible). The chrome "Power By Ford"
valve covers have some pitting, but are 100% functional. This is a complete, bolt-in, Plug-n-Play 428 Cobra Jet solution.

The cam, and valve train are new aftermarket items - Comp Cams 270H. The flywheel and starter are new aftermarket items. The oil pan is Milodon. Some parts are modern
reproductions -- the throttle bracket, and carter fuel pump, belts, hoses, fuel line, and heat riser choke tubes.

Any questions give me a call - (334)477-4146

No, I won't take $9,000.00
This is not a 390 long block with scat, h-beam, and blah, blah, blah to make 500hp with all of your ignition, fuel and exhaust components and all of your accessories (alternator,
wiring harnesses, power steering pump, water pump, hardware, etc., etc., etc.).

No, I won't take $12,000.00
It's not a 428CJ block with Edelbrock aluminum everything with scat and h-beam and 12.5:1 pistons, etc., etc., etc. to make 675hp with all of your ignition, fuel and exhaust
components and all of your accessories (alternator, wiring harnesses, power steering pump, water pump, hardware, etc., etc., etc.).

This is a complete engine as pictured and described above; all major components original Ford Cobra Jet parts. The previously mentioned items probably produce more horsepower,
and are costly, but they are not what is used and don't cost as much as original 47/48-year old parts to remanufacture an icon in American Muscle Car History. I've tried to include
every bolt nut and washer.

Check out my other listing:
A complete 1969 Shelby GT500/1969 Mustang 428CJ Ford Big Block Toploader - RUG-AE2 - to complete the powertrain in your classic muscle car.

eBay item #: 321988744314
1969 Shelby GT500/1969 Mustang 428CJ Ford Big Block Toploader - RUG-AE2

Ready for immediate delivery
Freight estimated 850-lbs, $650.00 lower 48 Contiguous United States

You will not spend more than $650.00 to receive this engine in the lower, contiguous United States. I will refund any funds not used for crating and shipping.
I will provide receipts. The cradle the engine is mounted to has a $150.00 core associated with it. The starter mounting plate has a $50.00 core associated with it.
The cost of return shipping for these items will be included in the $650.00; however the core charges are not. Hopefully the shipping company/carrier will have
some means of crating the engine without the use of my cradle.

I'll deliver 0.55 per mile; minimum $250.00
Local pickup is free
Local delivery is free - Enterprise/Dothan/Troy, AL Area

Call me to arrange payment (334)477-4146.
Cash, Cashiers Check, PayPal or Bank Wire Transfer


Below, I ramble on about parts, costs, machinists, mechanics, alternative and aftermarket parts, etc., etc., etc.... Read it if you like.

A 428 Cobra Jet long block core will typically cost $3500.00-$5000.00

It takes the right machinist and engine builder to properly rebuild one of these engines, and it's not cheap.

Compare a knowledgeable/Experienced Machine Shop and cost for prepping
any FE engine block to a prepping 428 Cobra Jet Engine Block:
FE 428 Service FE 428 Cobra Jet
• Baked • Baked
• Tumbled • Tumbled
• Bored and Diamond Honed w/ Torque Plates • Bored and Diamond Honed w/ Torque Plates
• Deck Height Blueprinted • Deck Height Blueprinted
• Line Honed • Line Honed
• Lifter Bores Honed • Lifter Bores Honed
• Oiling Modifications • Oiling Modifications
• New Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs Installed • New Cam Bearings and Freeze Plugs Installed
• Prepped and Painted for Assembly • Prepped and Painted for Assembly
Price: $1,995.00 Price: $3,200.00

That's for prepping the block - They haven't touched the heads, the crank or the rods.

Here is reputable FE Engine Builder that will build your complete 428 Cobra Jet Engine for you, for under $12,000. That is, you provide them with all of your
components, and they'll build it for you. They will adjust the price, based on the work they do, but they will return to you, ONLY what you provide to them -
cleaned up, machined, assembled, detailed and ready to run. I don't think anyone could do better than this particular builder - probably just as good, and
a whole lot cheaper - just not better.

I received quotes from reputable FE engine builders after I acquired all of my components:
  • $11,995.00 complete engine assembled and dyno'd
  • $8600.00 long block assembled
  • $6150.00 complete engine assembled and dyno'd
  • $4500.00 long block assembled and detailed

For my long block core, (minus pistons and cam/timing components) add the aluminum police interceptor intake manifold I spent - $5450.00.

Of course I had to buy the remaining components to complete my engine:
fan, clutch, engine hardware kit, belts, hoses, motor mounts, exhaust manifolds, flywheel, alternator, power steering pump, water pump, water pump pulley, engine gauge harness,
alternator harness, distributor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, carburetor, carburetor spacer, throttle bracket, gaskets, oil pan, breather cap, gromets, PCV system, valve covers,
vacuum hoses, springs, clips, harmonic balancer, harmonic balancer spacer, crank pulley, alternator pulley, power steering pump pulley, engine backing plate, engine oil pan baffle,
drip rails, lifter valley pan, starter, timing cover, oil filter adapter, oil filter, distributor

I can assure you I spent more than $5000.00 for all of the additional items to complete this engine. This doesn't include the shipping I paid to acquire all of this stuff.

Here are a few of the items from the above list and their approximate costs:
  • Carburetor - $600.00
  • exhaust manifolds - $700.00
  • flywheel - $300.00
  • complete PCV System - $500.00
  • engine accessories average $200.00 each (alternator, water pump, power steering pump)
  • complete alternator and/or power steering bracket with hardware will run $200.00 each
Engine Detailing:
3-Pulley Water Pump Pulley
Incorrect - These are not the correct water pump pullies for a 428CJ Engine.
The 428CJ came with the Thermactor System and a dual-pulley alternator, and
required a 3-pulley water pump pulley. A common modification was to install a
2-pulley water pump pulley if the Thermactor System was removed. A single pulley
water pump pulley was used on several FE applications, and a 2-pulley water pump
pulley was common on 428 Police Interceptor and 390 Guardian vehicles in law
enforcement applications.
This is the correct water pump pulley for a 428CJ Engine. It has 3 pulleys. It
will accomodate the Thermactor System and a 2-pulley alternator.
Wrong Alternator Bracket Correct Alternator Bracket
Incorrect - This is not the correct alternator bracket for a 428CJ Engine.
According to one big block Mustang authrority, "no 428 Cobra Jet left the plant
with this alternator bracket". This bracket was commonly used after removal of
the thermactor system at a dealership. This bracket, along with a 2-pulley
water pump pulley, would give the appearance that the thermactor system never
This is the correct alternator bracket assembly for a 428CJ Engine. It will
accomodate the Thermactor pump. It uses the same hardware set as the standard
390/FE bracket. I chose this bracket for the the engine. I feel it provides for
easy installation of the Thermactor System and gives the appearance of owner/home
removal of the Thermactor System.
Wrong Oil Filter Adapter Correct Oil Filter Adapter- Before and After
Incorrect - This is a picture of a couple of Oil Filter Adapters used to
mount the oil filter to the side of an FE engine. These are not correct for
a 428CJ Engine. The rib top of the gallery on this one is the tell tale sign
that this one is the lower volume adapter used in standard, non-performance
passenger cars.
This is a before-and-after picture of the the correct oil filter adapter that
I used in building this 428CJ Engine. Notice the size of the oil gallery leading
from the pressure sender tap to the engine block. Notice, also, the lack of the
rib running along the top of that gallery. The before-and-after is before and
after I media blasted this item prepping it for use.
Power Steering Pump, Brackets and Hardware Crankshaft Pulley
This is the correct power steering pump, bracket set and hardware for a
428CJ/SCJ. It's painted the correct teal color, and there is a 7/8" thick spacer
that makes up the space that the A/C bracket would fill if this were goining
into an A/C equipped car. I used a "6AA" pulley in this build "80b" is correct
for 1969, but when I found the 80b pulley, it was $250.00.
This is the correct crankshaft pulley for a power steering non-A/C 428
CJ/SCJ car. Two pulleys in the back drive the water pump and alternator
One pulley up front drives the power steering pump. The smog pump was
driven by the third pulley on the front of the water pump pulley.

Any questions give me a call: (334)477-4146

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