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Afs 03 Black Cobra 17 X 9/10.5 Wheels And Tires Fits 94-04 Mustang Rim 315/35-17 on

US $1,585.00

Canoga Park, California, US

Canoga Park, California, US
Returns Accepted:Returns Accepted Refund will be given as:Money Back Item must be returned within:14 Days Return policy details:1. Prior return authorization required. 2. Item must be brand new and as shipped (unused, never mounted on vehicle). 3. Item may be returned for a full refund, less shipping and handling. Return shipping will be paid by:Buyer Restocking Fee:No Rim Material:Alloy Rim Width:9 and 10.5 Number of Bolts:5 Bolt Pattern:5x114.3 Rim Brand:AFS Wheels Rim Manufacturer Part Number:WT2BV Rim Structure:One Piece Section Width:315 Aspect Ratio:35 Rim Diameter:17 Tire Brand:Vredestein Car Type:Passenger/Performance

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This set has Vredestein tires!!!!

This set comes with the Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tires direct from Europe for Autobahn high performance driving. This tire has incredible gripping power! If you are not familiar with the VREDESTEIN ULTRAC SESSANTA, you are in for a treat.

European style by Giugiaro Design, who's name is linked to Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati to name a few! He is also the designer of the 2010 Mustang concept car. They are getting all kinds of buzz in the press, on the boards, and top mags as one of the best performance tires on the market today!

ITEM DESCRIPTION: This is a set of four brand-new Mac Black replica '03 COBRA SVT STYLE rims with AFS center caps, Vredestein tires and AFS center caps. Please see the picture(s).

WHAT THEY WILL FIT: They will fit the 1994 - 2004 Ford Mustangs, all models.

SIZE AND SPECIFICATIONS: 5-lug (5X4½). We have combined two different sizes in this set. There are 2-17x9 (+26mm offset with 6.11 backspace) for the front and 2-17x10.5 (+27mm offset with 6.9 backspace).

ABOUT THE FINISH: These brand new '03 COBRA STYLE wheels are INCREDIBLE! This set is in the original MAC BLACK finish, which has a Machined Face with BLACK Cutouts. Please note these are NOT blemished wheels. These wheels are BEAUTIFUL and would certainly give your Mustang a whole new look. Buy these wheels with confidence!

TIRE INFORMATION: This is a NEW set of rims and BRAND NEW tires. We combined 275/40ZR17's on the front with the wide 315/35ZR17's on the rear.

The VREDESTEIN tires are designed in Europe where high performance cars must handle the challenges of the high speed Autobahn. They are speed rated at "Y" for up to 186 MPH! The UTQG Rating: 280/AA/A. The exciting European design gives the tire an incredible look. Please see the pictures below of the GREAT TREAD PATTERN! This is the ulitmate tire for the higher end of the market. The Ultrac Sessanta is blessed with many high-tech features. The unique design results in a wider than average tire in this size group putting even more rubber on the road. The look and feel is PURE MUSCLE!

Another great feature is this tire is asymmetrical, which means the tires can be rotated from side to side. This eliminates the tire rotation problems found when using two different size directional tires. The main features for this tire include:

  • European style by Giugiaro Design
  • Exceptional gripping power
  • WIDER than average tread footprint
  • Rim Protector
  • Untimate handling construction with sturdy sidewall and bead construction
  • Speed Rated to 186 MPH
  • Exceptional handling on wet and dry roads, high course stability
  • Jointless Tread compound provides optimal grip on wet roads
  • Low rolling resistance for maximum fuel economy
  • Minimal noise levels


ABOUT THE BALANCING: The tires have been mounted and then balanced on the latest Hunter GSP 9700 Vibration Control System. It actually does a simulated road test on both the wheel and tire. You can't get a better balance job, period! If you are not familiar with how important it is to use this method of balancing your tires, please see the TECH TALK below. Don't accept an inferior balance job from outdated equipment. We apologize for how long it takes to download all this, but the information is just too important to not include it.

QUALITY: All AFS wheels are DOT approved! The rims are structurally sound. We guarantee the rims to be straight, true and not out of round.Shipping rate shown is for the continental 48 US states only. For shipping rates to other destinations, please email your zip/postal code for a quote.

Disclaimer: These wheels and not affiliated with BMW Bavarian Motor Works, BMW of North America, Ford Motor Company, or General Motors, in any way or form. The terms "BMW" “Mustang”, “Camaro”, “Corvette”, and/or “TransAm” are used for fitment and descriptive purposes only. “AFSwheels” states that our use of the BMW Bavarian Motor Works and BMW of North America Company's, or Ford Motor Company or General Motor’s trademarked terms in our product descriptions constitute “fair use” and “nominative use” and “AFSwheels” is in no way trying to confuse their products and BMW Bavarian Motor Works nor BMW of North America nor Ford Motor Company, nor General Motors products or their companies.

Thank you for bidding!

TECH TALK on the Hunter GSP9700 Wheel Balancer with an explanation as to why this balancing method is so important.

The NEW Hunter GSP9700 extends far beyond traditional functions of a wheel balancer. Balancing is only a small fraction of its capabilities. The GSP9700 simulates a "road test" without any extra work. The unique "road roller" measures uniformity of the wheel and tire under load, verifying if the assembly is round when rolling. Computer diagnosis and adjustment insures a "new car ride feel" never before available except for use by industrial OE manufacturers paying hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The GSP9700 is a Vibration Control System. It allows us to eliminate virtually every variable causing vibration in relation to the tire and rim, except vehicle related problems. Wheel Force Variation: A perfectly balanced tire can still vibrate due to Force Variation. Wheel Force Variation is most frequently due to wheel runout or uneven tread or sidewall stiffness in the tire. Runout is when a tire or rim is out of round when rolling. Frequent causes are a bent rim or uneven tire wear. Uneven tread or sidewall stiffness can be found in NEW or worn tires. Tires by design are never uniformly flexible throughout nor are they perfectly round. And no two tires are exactly alike in these characteristics.

Force Variation (Tire Uniformity) - Radial force variation is the amount of change in stiffness of the sidewall and footprint when a load is placed against the tire. To understand the effects of radial force variation, imagine the tire as a collection of springs between the rim and the tire tread. If the "springs" are not of uniform stiffness, a varied force is exerted on the axle as the tire rotates and flexes. This creates a vibration in the vehicle. There are specifications and acceptable limits from tire manufacturers. Up until now, force variation has been measured only by OEM's in an industrial setting using equipment in the range of half a million dollars. For example, a tire and rim could be perfectly round when measured with a dial indicator (free runout) and the wheel will still vibrate when driven due to excessive force variation.

Many tires on the market today have a "paint dot" or mark on the tire that indicates either the high side or low side of force variation. Many have attempted to solve vibration problems by blindly' lining up the dot' with the valve stem. The operator assumes the "dot" is the high point of radial force of the tire and the wheel valve stem hole is the low point of runout of the rim. Unfortunately this is not always true. Many tires are not marked and many wheel manufacturers do not use the valve stem as the low point. Other OEM's use the marks to indicate high points instead of low points!

The GSP9700 eliminates any guesswork. The locations of runout and tire force are quickly located and measured. At 60 miles per hour an average size tire rotates 850 times per minute. (*Rotation for smaller tires is slightly faster; for larger tires it is slightly slower.) At this speed slight variations in balance, sidewall stiffness or roundness can cause the wheel to literally slam into the pavement 14 times a second. When getting new wheels and tires for your vehicle it is so important that they are balanced properly with the latest equipment!

Why spend all that money for the new wheels and/or tires and then take a shortcut on the balancing. Your safety, comfort and quality of the ride are on the line.

 Still have questions?  Just give us a call at (818) 340-6181.  We are here to help!

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