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Alu V3 Lap Timer Infrared Ultrared Racing Track Day Set With 10" Interval Time on

US $38.98

Shenzhen, default, China

Shenzhen, default, China
Condition:New Brand:Neatural Warranty:Yes Manufacturer Part Number:Not supply Country/Region of Manufacture:China

6 colors can be chose: black, silver, red, grey,golden and blue. 

Pls note us for the color you want, or we will send the black one acquiescently!!



The batteries inside the transmitter and receiver are both not included because of the strict air shipping policy,hope you can understand!!!!
Our new Timer Recorder is the third version which is sister of Ezlap(V1)&Bestlap(V2);
More Features on V3:

V3 transmitter is 50% more power and 15m distance! 2x AA batteries lasts 5 hours! A massive improvement vs old V2,with 10" interval time.

1. Extension cord 1.5m for all appliation; the timer can now be used on cars,motorcycles, dirtbikes,minbikes,bicycles,skateboards,snowboards and much much more...
2. The IR-Eye can be placed anywhere

 This bidding comes with the transmitter and the timer(without battery on the transmitter due to custom's shipping policy, the pattern of the receiver's is cr2032.3v). So you no longer need anybody to stand by the track to count the time for you. An infrared lap timer will count the lap time for you at 0.02s/lap accuracy which is 30 times as accurate as human hand.

It is a complete set of Ultrared Lap Timer that is exactly the same system as UltraLap Mini but with completely new design and workmanship.

So when you receive the item, open the box, put 2*AA battery into the transmitter, and paste the timer on any part on your bike, you will have a perfect automatic lap timer.

The timer comes with manual and it takes less than 1 minute to learn to use.

Technical Manual Copy:

This EZLAP lap timer is an exciting item for most users and dealers.  It has removed some function that will not be used by most of users,so the cost of manufacturing reaches the limit.

The system is composed of the transmitter and the timer (signal receiver); one transmitter can work with all lap timers that is at the same frequency. Two of AA back up batteries is suggested for the transmitter.   


The Lap Timer (Receiver):

 <UP>:  The LCD shows one lap backward;

<DOWN>: The LCD shows one lap forward;

<SUM>: Summary; Slowest lap time, fastest lap time, Total time and average lap time;

<CLR>:A two-second press will clear the memory and turn on the signal receiver,so the timer will start to count when it passes the signal wall; A short press will stop the timer from counting,and LCD turns to last record;


The transmitter:

The transmitter has laser pointer and the signal transmitter to build the ?Signal wall?;

It is powered by 2 x AA batteries; Lasting 5 hours continuously;

It is proposed to turn off the transmitter during idle to save power;



Batteries need to be replaced after 5 hours of use to avoid weak signals;

Take the batteries out of the box during long idle;

It is forbidden to point the laser to eyes, keep the product away from children.


Before you use;

1.    Turn on the power. The switch should be at the On position; The LCD will show the total lap time of last session;  



If the record has been cleared, the signal receiver will start to work; And LCD will show:




2.    Press<CLR> for more than 2 seconds, the memory will be cleared, and signal receiver will be turned on; The LCD will show:




3. Before you start the bike, please make sure that the signal receiver is on ;( Make sure that the sign is active)

4. When the LCD shows that the signal receiver is on, the <UP>\<Down>\<SUM> will be inactive;

5.  When the bike passes the infrared signal for the first time, the lap will turn 1, and the timer starts to count;

6.  The last lap record will be shown for 10 seconds on the LCD; and then the real time record will be displayed;

7.  To stop time counting, press the <CLR> button; The signal receiver will be turned off, and the total time will be displayed on the LCD;


 After you use:

9.  When the signal receiver is off, <CLR> is inactive, unless press it by 2 seconds to clear the memory and start the next counting;

10. When the device is idle for 20 minutes(no signal, no button touch) the system will go to sleep status to save power;



O          The time tolerance of this device is 0.0035 seconds for each lap; (CPU)

O          This device is designed for track day and trainers; It has all basic function that is required for track day.

O          Product size: 60mm x 40mm x 12mm

O          Max Lap time and Max total time: 99 minutes 59 seconds;

O          Max lap to record: 64 laps;

O          When there is continuous signal, only the first signal will be counted;

O          The signal receiver is built in the timer, make sure the receiver is exposed to the ?signal wall? created by the transmitter;

O          The laser pointer helps to build the signal wall; Make the ?wall? as vertical to the track as possible; 

O          When you are not able to expose the signal receiver to the ?signal wall?, try to turn the ?wall? to different angles;

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