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Bbs Bmw Style 5 Split Rim Wheel Stainless Steel Bolt/screw/nut Rebuild Kit Rc090 on

US $199.00

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Las Vegas, Nevada, US
Returns Accepted:ReturnsNotAccepted Rim Brand:For BBS RC-series Rim Material:Alloy Rim Diameter:17 or 18 inch RC models Number of Bolts:136 bolts, 34 per wheel Rim Structure:For Two-Piece splitrim wheels only Application:BMW BBS RC-series 2-piece split rim wheels ONLY Part Detail:Aftermarket bolts/nuts to replace original studs Warranty:Lifetime Guarantee on all hardware Rim Bolt Material:High Grade Swedish Stainless Steel


Full and complete BBS BMW Style 5 RC-series split rim stainless bolt rebuild kit. ALL BRAND NEW.

This kit includes everything you need to fully rebuild a set of four (or a kit for five wheels for $55 extra if you have a BBS RC spare too) split rim wheels - all new stainless steel hardware, full instructions, Loctite thread locking compound and torque data!
ALL hardware is brand new stainless steel, and the bolts themselves are a special grade stainless steel from Sweden, chosen for it’s superior corrosion resistance and strength - these bolts are as strong as the originals but will never rust!

Includes all nuts and and bolts with a smooth profile head for the best finish and easier cleaning/polishing - no more cut knuckles or split sponges as the head of the bolts is a smooth, rounded profile. Sponges and polishing cloths just glide over the smooth heads of these bolts. And as an added bonus, the smoother profile of the heads also enhances the dish of the wheel, making it appear deeper.
These new nuts and bolts WILL NOT rust or stain like the standard ones (even new chromed/coloured/gold-plated standard bolts will rust).
This kit is for the BMW BBS Style 5 wheels pictured, but is also suitable for the many other different styles of BMW/BBS RC 2-pc split rim including RC040, RC041, RC090 etc etc etc. If in doubt feel free to ask me if these bolts will work for your wheels.

This aftermarket kit contains very high quality stainless steel hardware, NOT the original-type splined studs that suffer from rust problems and seizing in the wheels.
The style 5 wheels (as pictured) were a prestigious option on BMW 3, 5, 7 and 8 series models. All models/types of this wheel use the same rim bolt configuration. These wheels were available in 17” and 18”, with various widths and offsets. This kit suits them all. As stated this kit uses new rim bolts as pictured to replace the original-type studs. Original type studs are available at around $350 (!) but I would never use them on a rebuild as they are not available in stainless so will rust. This kit is also easier to rebuild with as they are allen-key fitting as opposed to splined so will not seize in the rim like the originals can. They are also easier to live with when cleaning/polishing your wheels and much better looking! 
Kit Includes:

- 136 x special grade Swedish stainless steel bolts that are as strong as the original bolts, yet totally rust proof!
- 136 x stainless steel nuts

- 136 x stainless steel washers
- Genuine Loctite threadlock (more than enough for all nuts on all 4 wheels)
- Full instructions on rebuild/refurb, including splitting and rebuilding
- Tightening torque data
- Refurb paint/polishing hints, tips and recommendations

If you have a BBS spare too, just add $55 for the extra hardware required for the spare wheel too (thats 170 pieces of each in total)

I run BBS Style 5 wheels on my E36 M3 cabrio, my E32 7-series and on my M3 track car. I've rebuilt all my BBS wheels with this kit and have exposed them to salted winter roads and many cleaning/polishing cycles and the bolts (and nuts!) have performed perfectly and still look as new.

The wheel pictured below (and on the M3 cabrio) was built-up with this same kit three years ago and has been used daily in all weathers. The bolts are still as new. As are the nuts on the reverse side. Chromed or painted bolts WILL NOT look this good after 3 years believe me!! And standard nuts will be rusted and crusted and a chore to remove...
I and many other BMW owners have since rebuilt their BBS split rims using this kit. And with the fantastic instructions and tips included, it really is an easy (and very satisfying) Do-It-Yourself job. See pictures below!
No special tools are required with this kit, just an allen key for the bolt side and a normal 13mm socket for the rear side nut.
This full kit really is the perfect alternative to new original-type studs costing well over $350 (and that’s studs only, WITHOUT new nuts!!). And bear in mind that new chromed/polished/painted studs will rust again, whereas these WILL NOT RUST OR STAIN but will stay looking new forever. They are even re-useable if you ever want to refurb your wheels again.

Due to the quality and durability of the kit, the hardware itself comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
Will ship worldwide, email me for a price.



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