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2012 Mercedes A-Class AMG to get 350bhp & 4WD

Wed, 20 Apr 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Mercedes Concept-A gets unveiled in Shanghai

It’s rather hard to imagine the current Mercedes A-Class coming with 350bhp running through its front wheels.

It may have managed to pass the Elk test to make it safe, but 350bhp would be enough to tear the steering wheel from your hands and roll you over in a brisk bend.

But this isn’t the current A-Class we’re talking about, but the 2012 Mercedes A-Class based on the very fine-looking Mercedes Concept-A we reported a couple of weeks ago, and which bowed in at Shanghai this week.

Top Gear say they have the inside line on the plans for a very hot 2012 A-Class AMG which includes not just 350bhp from a twin-turbo 2.0 litre, but 4WD thanks to the platform for the new A-Class being used for an A-Class SUV, complete with the requisite power to both axles.

Which we find hugely appealing. The Concept-A looks great, even if it will be toned down for production. Apparently the 2012/2013 A-Class will be 85% the same as Concept-A, but expect the grill to be different, the greenhouse to be higher and the wheels to be smaller.

Definitely one to watch.

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