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2012 Mercedes B Class – in MB dealers for road tests mid-December

Mon, 28 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0800

2012 Mercedes B Class - In dealers for Road Test in December

With the latest Mercedes B Class having arrived at Frankfurt in September, Mercedes-Benz are now gearing up for customer tests from mid-December.

As you can’t have failed to notice, the 2012 Mercedes B Class arrived at this years Frankfurt Motor Show, complete with a raft of detail and even more photos and video.

We reported a week or so ago that Mercedes was now in Campaign mode with the new B-Class, and we even had some new photos and a new video – all the better to entice customers in to their local MB dealers to have a look and a play.

What we didn’t know when we reported the B-Class campaign was how soon UK customer could get to play with the new B Class, but now we know – mid December.

Even though Mercedes are calling the new B Class a ‘Sports Tourer’, that’s probably more about ramming home the point that the new B Class is a bit slicker looking than the old version – even though it’s roomier – and probably has broader appeal.

In fact, the focus for Mercedes with the B Class seems to be setting out its appeal to young families and focusing on some of its safety kit, like the Collision Prevention System, and its campaign is geared very much to this objective.

So if the look of the B Class floats your boat – especially if you’re an aspirational young family – you can pop off to your local Mercedes-Benz dealers from the middle of next month, have a play with the 2012 B Class, and put down your deposit.

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