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2013 BMW 5 Series Facelift – Saloon, Touring & GT

Sun, 19 May 2013 00:00:00 -0700

Facelift for the 2013 BMW 5 Series

We knew the next BMW News would be the arrival of a facelift for the 5 Series, especially after BMW accidentally previewed it with a configurator that went online too early.

But now the 5 Series facelift is here, and what it lacks in real changes BMW has made up for in photos – they’ve sent us over 200 photos of the new 5 Series – Saloon, Touring and GT – maybe in the hope that a mass of photos will make us think the changes are extensive. They’re not.

But even though the changes are modest, they do manage to freshen the 5 Series and bring some welcome tweaks to economy and emissions (all engines are now EU6 compliant) in the process, including a new frugal model – the BMW 518d with emissions of 119g/km and 62.8mpg thanks to a detuned (141bhp) version of the 2.0 litre diesel in the 520d.

The 520d, meanwhile, gets some of the 520d EfficientDynamic’s aero tweaks and manages the same official emissions and economy as the new 518d, which makes the 520d ED pointless so it’s been dropped. The 4.4 litre V8 also gets a tweak with an extra 42bhp and yet still manages to improve economy to 32.8mph and 199g/km

Cosmetic tweaks are minor and look to consist of a new front bumper with silver highlights, titivated grill, an extra bit of silver on the back of the Touring – which gets an extended tailgate – extra chrome in the cabin, more storage and new paint and trim options.

The 5 Series BMW was already perhaps the pick of the sector, and the 2013 facelift just adds to the appeal, certainly in terms of the engine tweaks.

Now, if you have an hour to spare, there’s photos of the facelifted 5 Series, 5 Series Touring and 5 Series GT to browse.

By Cars UK