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Aston Martin Lagonda

Tue, 09 Sep 2014

The Aston Martin Lagonda name has been resurrected again, but this iteration promises to be far less controversial than the 2009 SUV concept.

Created for a select group of Middle Eastern clients, this large three-box sedan (dimensions haven't yet been made available) offers a well-judged balance between the current Aston Martin range and the idiosyncratic 1970s Lagonda by William Towns.

Its proportions are very extreme for a luxury sedan, with a cabin sat far rearwards behind a very shallow A-pillar. While the angle of the rear screen is also 'fast', the chrome DLO graphic that continues to rise towards the rear before forming a steep connection to the elegantly flat beltline adds formality and a sense of its forebear's angularity. This is helped by a refreshing lack of tumblehome that's balanced by a particularly deep shoulder surface.

Its nose is a neat and understated evolution of the deep grille of the recently updated Rapide without sticking rigidly to the Aston form, while its lamps are integrated into the graphic by a continuous chrome edge that defines their lower edges. It's appropriately moody without appearing overly aggressive. Its rear is similarly restrained with its lamps and horizontal chrome bar sitting within a concave surface.

We have yet to see its interior, but we're hoping it channels some of the '70s Lagonda's sci-fi touchscreen vibe.

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