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Aston Martin SP10: V8 Vantage S Special Edition – not for UK

Sat, 09 Feb 2013 00:00:00 -0800

Aston Martin has revealed a new Special Edition V8 Vantage S – the Vantage SP10 – inspired by the GT4 Race Series. Not available in the UK.

But in recent years automatic gearboxes have got very clever, and the modern auto ‘box can work the cogs better than Michael Schumacher on a good day. So now, almost all high-end sports cars come with a self-shifter and not a manual.

Despite the stunning abilities of modern auto boxes, there are still purists who long for the joy of being in charge and using their left foot when blasting on, so Aston Martin has decided to deliver them a Special Edition V8 Vantage S, perhaps the most driver-focused car in the AM range, with a manual gearbox as standard – the Aston Martin Vantage SP10.

The Aston Martin SP10 is a special edition Vantage aimed at Continental Europe (it’s not being offered in the UK) and has been inspired by Aston Martin’s GT4 track exploits.

It comes in a fetching shade of Ceramic Grey Metallic (with a Titan Grey roof if you opt for the Roadster) with unique 19″ alloys, black brake calipers, clear lights at the back, rear carbon diffuser and a front splitter.

Inside is a sea of blackness with black leather and black Alcantara dominating, but given relief by silver stitching, and the centre console in Piano Black. There’s a decent audio system, electric seats, SatNav, Cruise and Bluetooth.

Aston Martin SP10 Special Edition V8 Vantage S Photos >>

Under the skin – apart from the six speed manual ‘box (you can opt for an Aston Martin Sportshift if you must) – the SP 10 offers the same 430bhp with 361lb/ft of torque as the regular V8 Vantage S, enough for 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 190mph.

AML Europe’s Jeffrey L. Scott said:

Aston Martin has a long and successful tradition in motorsport. Since in the GT4 class the technical similarities between racing cars and their road model cousins are extremely pronounced, many of our customers see their own Aston Martin as a way to identify with our motorsport activities, or they actively participate as ‘gentlemen drivers’.

With the new Vantage SP10 we are now offering a V8 Vantage S with a special motorsport and race track flair – at a competitive price point.

That price point is €96,653 plus VAT and local charges, but only Aston Martin’s customers in Continental Europe can grab the Vantage SP10. It’s not on offer in the UK.

By Cars UK