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Aston Martin mobile phone concept

Fri, 01 Apr 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Aston Martin has combined forces with Canadian luxury mobile phone manufacturer, Mobiado, to create the CPT002 concept.

Based around a transparent touch screen, the CPT002 phone combines both existing technologies and software with genuine advances in electronics to create a 'realistic vision of luxury mobile phones', the company says.

The CPT002 phone goes beyond what most smart phones can currently offer. The Mobiado acts as the key to an Aston Martin as well as connecting with the car's entertainment system.

Using social networking applications, the phone combines with the vehicle's GPS to show the driver's location and put phonebook members on to the car's sat-nav screen.

By using cameras integrated into the car, the vehicle can periodically update social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with pictures and information caught on lens - such as the real time relaying of track day footage.

The CPT002 doesn't stop there. In the event of an accident, the built-in accelerometer relays crash data to the car's safety equipment, dictating things such as airbag deployment and seatbelt pretension stiffness.

The CPT002, whilst only a concept at present, will headline a complete Aston Martin range of more conventional Mobiado mobile phones set to launch in May 2011.

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By John O'Brien