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Audi A8 LWB: UK price and detail

Sat, 12 Feb 2011 00:00:00 -0800

The LWB Audi A8L starts at £60k

It is fair to say that everything you could want to know about the 2010 /2011 Audi A8 is already here for you to read.

We covered the original reveal of the Audi A8 back in 2009 (yep, it’s been around that long) and we even updated that article with UK A8 prices when we got them.

A few months later we got the details of the long wheelbase Audi A8. We were able to tell you that Audi has ignored the eco-mentalists and delivered a LWB Audi A8 with the option of the glorious W12 engine we thought would be confined to the history books.

We told you that the LWB A8 gets an extra 130mm longer, all of which is within the wheelbase so it all goes to make the back of the A8L big enough to party in.

You learned that Audi has had to kill a herd of cows for every LWB A8 it builds to swathe the interior in acres of Valonea leather and that entire (renewable) hardwood forests were felled for the veneers that adorn surfaces not already covered in leather.

We even told you about the toys – lots of them. Toys including massaging, climate-controlled and multi-adjustable armchairs in the back. A huge centre console with a folding table and a fridge. And a mega sound system from Bang & Olufsen with 19 speakers and 1400 watts. All the better to listen to the DVD playing on the 10.2″ LCD screens.

But what we didn’t tell you - because Audi hadn’t decided – is how much is the LWB Audi A8. Well now we know. The range will kick off at a relatively modest £60,010 for the 3.0 TDI SE.

That’s £4k less than the cheapest LWB S Class or 7 Series. Although it’s £2k more than the cheapest LWB Jaguar XJ

At the other end of the range the W12 comes in at £94,460. Again, that’s a chunk cheaper than the range topping S-Class or 7 Series, but unlike the 3.0 TDI, it’s just a few hundred pounds more than the LWB Jaguar XJ Supersport.

But bank on paying a fair bit more for any A8L if you want the toys.

By Cars UK