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Audi RS5 spotted at the Nurburgring

Wed, 01 Apr 2009 00:00:00 -0700

The Audi RS5 caught testing at the Nurburgring this week.

The Audi S5 is a cracking looking car. Stylish and understated, it carries a big enough stick to provide oodles of fun for most, but a real barn-stormer of car, with plenty of power would, even in these constrained times, be a winner. And here it is – The Audi RS5 – spotted out testing again at the Nurburgring.

The Audi A5/S5 is a better looking car than anything BMW makes, and with the RS5 Audi should make some serious dents in the M3 market (to add to those already made by the RS4), and will probably make many question whether an M6 is a good buy, when they could have the RS5.

Despite speculating previously that the Audi RS5 may get a blown V6, or even a V10, it now seems that power comes from a 4.2 litre, twin-turbo V8 providing around 450bhp, coupled to a 7 speed S-Tronic box, giving blistering performance and a 0-60 time of around 4.5 seconds. And Audi is even going to great lengths to mitigate the weight penalty of the RS5′s 4 wheel drive system by utilising carbon fibre and other weight-saving materials throughout the car.

If our experience with other fast Audis is anything to go by, this should be a remarkable car. Already the best looking car in the Audi range, the RS5 should have BMW quaking in its boots.

Expect the RS5 to show at Franfurt later this year, and be in a showroom near you in the Spring of 2010, starting at around £55k.

By Cars UK