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BMW 1-Series gets 4WD xDrive

Mon, 17 Sep 2012 00:00:00 -0700

BMW has announced that the 1-Series will be offered with xDrive 4WD on the 120d and M135i. But the UK won’t get the M135i xDrive.

The last few winters in the UK, with heavy snow falls and lots of slip-sliding, has focused drivers’ minds on the benefits of 4WD, so the announcement by BMW that they’re going to offer xDrive on the 1-Series will be welcome news.

Sadly, quoting the same ‘Lack of demand’ that Jaguar cited as the reason for not giving the UK the new 4WD XJ and XF, BMW are only going to offer one of the two models getting 4WD in the UK – the BMW 120d xDrive.

Elsewhere in Europe, BMW 1-Series buyers will be able to snap up the hot 1-Series M135i with xDrive, but the UK will have to make do with the rather more pedestrian 120d xDrive.

Still, even with a likely additional cost of £1500 for the 120d xDrive, we think there will be plenty of buyers in the UK opting for extra safety and security a 4WD setup offers, not just in winter but all year round.

And if enough of us buy the 120d xDrive, maybe BMW will relent and build the M135i xDrive in RHD.

The new BMW 1 Series xDrive models will debut at the Paris Motor Show later this month.

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By Cars UK