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BMW 1M Coupe to return in 2014 as BMW M2

Fri, 08 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0700

BMW 1M Coupe will turn in to the BMW M2 in 2014

BMW has finally found a way round the whole BMW M1 / BM 1M name issue. They’re not going to bother. Instead, the next generation of small BMWs will spawn the BMW M2 and not bother with the 1M at all.

Which is actually not that big a change from where we are now.

Where we are now is that after endless debate – in the media, even if not within BMW – the ‘M’ version of the 1-Series ended up being badged the 1M Coupe.

That’s because plenty of people still expect BMW to roll out a supercar at some point in the future, and to pick up the BMW M1 moniker to market it.

Whether BMW are planning that – and it’s been rumoured for at least twenty years – matters not; they chose not to put an end to the rumours on the eventual BMW supercar by refusing to attach an M1 badge to the new 1-Series M car.

But the current 1M Coupe isn’t going to have a long shelf life, as the 1-Series Coupe and Convertible are reaching the end of their life. And they won’t be back. Instead, as we reported recently, the 1-Series Coupe and Convertible will be re-born with a new badge – the BMW 2-Series.

Which, in one fell swoop, solves BMW’s angst over the whole M1 badge; the current 1M Coupe will simply becaome the BMW M2. And that will be an easy jump to a BMW M2 Convertible too.

Although it’s too soon to say, we’d expect the M2 to sport an updated version of the twin-turbo six-pot N54 lump the current 1M Coupe uses – perhaps with around 350bhp – although there are rumours of a triple-turbo version (two regular turbos and an electric one) which will offer similar power but improved MPG.

All at some interesting price points, no doubt.

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