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BMW M550d xDrive confirmed. X5 M50d & X6 M50d likely

Tue, 22 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0800

BMW M550d xDrive arriving March 2012 (M5 pictured)

We’ve been talking about the BMW triple-turbo diesel for a long time. As far back as Spring 2009 we reported BMW were working on a triple-turbo diesel, which we expected to see the light of day first in the BMW X5.

It took more than two years for BMW to catch up with our story on the triple-turbo diesel, but we finally had BMW man  Brian Watts confirming the new diesel, but that it would turn up as the M550d.

Now, it would appear, BMW is gearing up for the launch of the M550d, and has revealed to a Dutch dealer BMW dealer presentation the imminent arrival of the new engine in the 5 Series.

Just as we predicted in 2009, the new 3.0 litre triple diesel is said to produce a mountain of torque – 516lb/ft – and in the region of 380bhp. Which, even though power is down a bit on the petrol-engined 550i, should see some serious performance with all the extra torque.

In fact, although it will run out of breath more quickly, the M550d should get quite close to the M5′s sprinting abilities, with a 0-60mph in the mid to high 4 seconds range.

We can also expect the M550d to come with a body kit which is on the way to looking like an M5 diesel and economy heading towards 50mpg – but not of you use the power.

It also seems all but certain that BMW will stick the same triple-turbo diesel in the X5 and X6 sooner rather than later as the X5 M50d and X6 M50d.

The new BMW M550d xDrive will be with us by March, perhaps after a Geneva debut.

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