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BMW i3 & i8 EVs: BMW plan new ways to sell their ‘i’ cars

Fri, 25 Nov 2011

BMW are looking at new ways to sell the i3 & i8 EVs

BMW has big plans for its ‘i’ cars (the i3 and i8), the BMW take on the future of motoring.

But not only are BMW embracing new eco technology with the electric i3 and i8, they’re seeking to break the mould when it comes to selling too.

It seems BMW think that the launch of the new ‘i’ brand is the right time to look at more modern ways of selling their cars than simply running a few adverts and having nice shiny showrooms.

BMW UK MD, Tim Abbott, has said that the car industry hasn’t really changed the way it sells cars in 30 years, and that the launch of new electric cars gives them the opportunity to try new ways of selling.

That could mean a team of mobile sales staff ready, willing and able to turn up at a potential customer’s home or office at a time to suit them. Which is about as far removed from the traditional idea, where potential customers turn up at a showroom and are either ignored or harassed.

Tim also sees the new i3 and i8 being sold online; ‘… eBay manages it, so why can’t manufacturers sell cars online too?’, he said. And he has a point.

But Tim also sees that car makers need to adapt to serve the needs of their customers (now there’s a radical idea), and makes the same point we have often made, that a small EV is perfect around town, but what happens when you want to go away for the weekend in your electric car with its paltry range?

Tim’s suggestion is that perhaps BMW could package a deal for i3 and i8 customers where they get their nice new EV for the weekdays to go to work, and at weekends get to jump in a nice 5-Series Touring. All wrapped up in a one-payment a month deal.

Which sounds to us like the most joined up, sensible thinking from a car maker in a very long time.

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