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BMW i8 – launch name for Vision EfficientDynamics. Possibly.

Thu, 30 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0800

The BMW Vison ED - to launch as the BMW i8?

Update 29-7-11: BMW has now revealed the BMW i8 Concept.

BMW i8 Concept Photo Gallery

Update: BMW has now revealed its new eco sub-brand as BMW i, and revealed that the Vision EfficientDynamics will indeed be the BMW i8.

Here we go again with another rumour doing the rounds. As endless rumours have on BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics ever since it first saw the light of day at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year. And this one – and we’ve dismissed umpteen rumours inbetween – says that the Vison ED will be marketed as the BMW i8. Hmm.

The only reason we’re giving this rumour credence is because it does tie in with stuff we know and stuff that’s come from sensible sources. For example, we do know that BMW has trademarked ‘BMW i and BMW i1 to i9 to use on their Megacity and Project-i cars.

We also reported recently that Bild are claiming that the Vision ED will launch as the BMW i100 – a similar name – and we know that when the Vision ED does launch it will cost less than £150,000.

But despite all the tie-ins with stuff we know and stuff which makes sense, we reckon that the BMW i8 moniker is nothing more than a possibility. We know that the Vision ED will launch in 2013 but we reckon it’s far too soon for BMW to have come up with a name and done the usual focus group stuff to see if it works for punters.

So BMW i8 seems a possibility. No stronger.



Source: BMW Blog

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