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Bentley SUV in the flesh – it’s not a looker: Geneva 2012

Tue, 06 Mar 2012

Bentley SUV in the flesh - oh dear

Now we’ve seen the Bentley SUV – the Bentley EXP 9 F Concept – on the floor at Geneva 2012, it really isn’t very appealing.

Despite many detractors decrying modern Bentleys as VWs in drag, we’re big fans. The Continental GT is stunning, the Flying Spur is Epic and the Mulsanne is the best limo in the world for owners who like to drive. But the Bentley SUV Concept at Geneva is not good.

When we saw the first photos of the Bentley SUV yesterday we were underwhelmed by its style, but now we’ve seen it in the flesh at Geneva we realise it really is wrong. Bentley seem to have simply transplanted their interiors in to the SUV, bolted on a Mulsanne-type nose and a big hatch to a square shed of a design.

It puts us in mind of the ill-fated Lagonda SUV from a few years back, but dare we say that the Bentley SUV is, if anything, even less appealing?

Surely, with all the resources of the VW group to play with Bentley could have come up with a design that didn’t look like a lumpy shed with enormous lights bolted on?

We wouldn’t be surprised if the Bentley SUV disappeared from the floor at Geneva in the same way the Lagonda SUV did a few years ago.

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