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Breakeryard designs 'Woman-Proof' car

Thu, 21 Nov 2013

Breakeryard, the UK's network of national breakers, has designed a garish pink ‘Woman-Proof' concept car with the aim of making parking easier for ‘non-confident' female drivers.

In an exercise with its tongue firmly in its cheek Breakeryard has not only designed, but also commissioned some mock-ups of a car to combat problems highlighted in a survey of 1,421 female drivers.

‘Peripheral visibility' was identified as a problem by 44 percent of respondents, so the concept has a bubble-top design to combat this, which would be framed by a reinforced structure for safety purposes. The concept is fitted with additional mirrors to assist women tackle the most widely identified problem – parking.

A centrally located driving seat is intended to help women gauge how close objects are to either side when driving or parking, as ‘distance perception' was reported as a problem by 31 percent of respondents.

Should the driving seat fail to do its job, however, women have the protection of extra-large bumpers to help minimize the risk of expensive repairs.

Reversing is also a bit of a problem too, apparently – 39 percent of respondents said they struggled, and when Breakeryard suggested the addition of a rotating seat, 78 percent said they thought it would help. A second, rear-facing steering wheel would ensure that reversing became a thing of the past.

There's also method – apparently – behind the madness of the lurid girly color, as other drivers, specifically of the male variety, were a cause of concern for 53 percent of respondents.

Luckily, there are no plans to actually produce the car in any form, which is good news for everyone.

By Rufus Thompson