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CDN-GM Interactive Design Contest August Update

Wed, 15 Aug 2012 00:00:00 -0700

It's hard to believe that the summer's almost over already, and with it your chance to win one of five paid internships (including housing) at GM's Warren, MI design studio in the CDN-GM Interactive Design Competition 2012.

There has been some very high quality work coming in since June and with 19 days left, there's still plenty of time to put together your design for the next Buick Lacrosse, Cadillac SRX, Chevrolet Camaro, or GMC Terrain.

The competition is open to all full-time college or university students from across the US and Canada, and is a fantastic way to make a name for yourself, improve your skills in the "off-season", and get a head start on your career. 

The judges and mentors are participating heavily in the comments, so remember to show as much work as possible, from inspiration and mood boards to thumbnail and ideation sketches, in order to get the best feedback for your final design.

It's also important to remember that you must include both and exterior and interior designs, so think about them both from the beginning, and make them work together as a whole. There are 12 mentors from both inside GM as well as other parts of the auto industry waiting to help you create the best designs possible, so be sure to take full advantage and ask questions if you need help.

Spending time on the site viewing and commenting on other students' designs is also a great way to get inspired and learn new techniques. This encourages others to give you feedback as well, which is an invaluable resource for self-improvement and creating the best possible designs.

We've been seeing a lot of entries for the next Chevrolet Camaro and Cadillac SRX, so if you're looking to stand out from the pack, it's well worth taking a crack at the Buick or GMC. Both of these brands have a long and distinguished heritage to draw from, as well as modern and progressive design languages to explore. Everyone loves to design a muscle car, but a really great GMC Terrain will show the judges that you have the skills that will make you successful designer wherever you go.

For any architects or product designers who are hesitant to enter a car design competition, remember that we're looking for creativity, new ideas, and a good understanding of the design process, not just pretty drawings. Use what you know to make something that stands out, that accentuates your strengths, and approaches the problem from a different perspective.

The competition closes on September 2, 2012 and the first round of judging will take place shortly after. Those selected in the first round will get a chance to revise their work for the final judging. All finalists will be brought to the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit for the final awards ceremony, so even if you're not one of the five winners, there are still lots of chances to meet and interact with GM designers and industry insiders, and to get your name and designs shown on a grand stage.

So grab those ballpoints and markers and get designing. With three weeks left, there's still time to do something great. But don't forget that both interior and exterior designs are required for participation in the judging, and that a full process from inspiration boards, buyer profile, ideation, and final renderings will be your best chance of winning-and learning.

When you start school in the fall, won't it be nice knowing that you spent your summer getting a leg up on you classmates, as well as having a great chance to get a head start on the career you've always dreamed of?

Head over to our competition website to enter now!

By Drew Meehan