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Caterham CSR 175 – Tokyo Catchup

Fri, 23 Oct 2009 00:00:00 -0700

The CAterham CSR 175 revealed at Tokyo

We reported a few weeks ago that with the economic crisis still enveloping car makers round the world the Tokyo Motor Show was going to be almost exclusively domestic. Just Lotus – who brought the limited edition Lotus Scura – and Alpina – who brought the LWB B7 – were expected to be there to represent the rest of the world. But Caterham – inheritors of Colin Chapman’s Lotus 7  heritage – took advantage of some cheap floor space and turned up with a new car – the Caterham CSR 175./p>

The CSR is Caterham’s top of the range, and this CSR 175 slots in as the bottom of the top – if that makes sense. The 175 joins the CSR 200, CSR 260 and full-fat CSR 260 Superlight. If we tell you the new CSR 175 sports 175 bhp you can probably work out for yourself the output of the other models.

175bhp doesn’t sound like a whole lot of power. And you’d be right. But if you imagine dropping the Ford 2.0 litre from the CSR 175 in to a box cart from your youth you’ll get some idea of how quick it will feel. Caterhams aren’t about outright power, but more about outright fun at a sensible price. The CSR 175 is basically a Seven Roadsport with upgraded suspension featuring inboard dampers and independent double wishbones at the back. You also get an upgraded interior and a new dash.

Although the CSR 175 is intended as a Japan only car it has been homologated for Europe. Which makes it likely that Dartford based Caterham will launch a similar car in the UK next year. Expect UK prices – if and when the CSR 175 arrives – to shade the £30k mark.

By Cars UK