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Chris Evans’ Ferrari 250GT LWB California Spider For Sale

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 00:00:00 -0800

Chris Evans' Ferrari 250 GT LWB California Spider

The Ginger, bespectacled broadcaster that is Chris Evans has returned to the public conscientiousness in a big way in recent years. Once the ‘Enfant Terrible’ of radio and television, he made a fortune buying and selling Virgin radio and then went off on a years long sabbatical with child bride Billie Piper. But an effervescent talent like Evans’ was never going to be satisfied with just being a sybarite, and the public have welcomed the return of a more grown-up Evans in recent years to the job he does better than almost anyone. So well, in fact, that he is taking over Terry Wogan’s breakfast show in the New year. And you don’t get much more mainstream and grown-up than that.

But despite a more mature attitude to life in general, there is at least one thing that is still childlike in Evans – his love of cars (we can relate to that). Renowned for his fleet of white Ferraris – and for buying James Coburn’s Ferrari 250 GT SWB California – Chris is known for his love of all things Maranello. But perhaps the cost of playing at doing little but buying cars and houses for that few years sojourn has left him wealthy but not super-wealthy – in the way he perhaps once was – as we learn that Chris has put up for sale his 1959 Ferrari 250GT LWB California Spider.

You could argue that Chris doesn’t need the LWB as he now has James Coburn’s more desirable SWB. So who needs two? Well, I’m sure a few years ago Chris would have kept both, but times are a bit different even if he’s not exactly struggling. So one lucky buyer will get his (or her) hands on the LWB California resplendent with original Verde Pino Metallizzato paintwork. It’s not exactly a banger either, coming as it does with a Ferrari Classiche certification.

So what’s it worth? Hard to say at the moment, but we would have thought comfortably £2 million. Which is a long way short of the over £5 million he paid for the Coburn car (if indeed he did?). But still a tidy sum to bring in for an inferior ‘Duplicate’.

We wonder if Chris could be quietly cashing in a few cars to indulge in the ultimate Ferrari buy – a Ferrari 250 GTO? That would set him back a cool £18 million.

By Cars UK