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Christian von Koenigsegg talks Saab

Mon, 24 Aug 2009 00:00:00 -0700

Christian von Koenigsegg talks about the future of Saab in the video below

But Christian is not a man who courts personal publicity. So it’s a sign of how important the Koenigsegg-Saab deal is to him – and The Koenigsegg Group – that he’s come out of the woodwork to talk about the Saab deal.

We first reported that Koenigsegg were to buy Saab back in May when we heard the first rumblings that Saab had a Swedish suitor. More news came when Koenigsegg signed an MOU to buy Saab and most recently we reported that Koenigsegg had signed a deal with GM to buy 100% of their Saab stock.

But questions keep being asked about how a relative minnow like Koenigsegg can realistically swallow a much bigger fish like Saab. And there have been concerns raised about Koenigsegg’s ability to fund the takeover, and the ship-jumping by one of Keonigsegg’s big shareholders.

So Christian’s come out to defend his ambitions and his passion for Saab. We can think of no more enticing prospect in the car world than having a man like Christian at the helm of Saab. We expect Saab to be revitalised under his leadership back in to the innovative – and original – company it once was.

But a lot of the scepticism surrounding Koenigsegg’s takeover of Saab stems from envy. How can a young-ish man, who seems only (only!) to have succeeded in making a success of a niche supercar company possibly know how to bring Saab back to life? I’m sure the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

Avund är lyckans följeslagare.

As they say in Sweden!

By Cars UK