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Chrysler’s future will see Lancia back in the UK

Fri, 06 Nov 2009 00:00:00 -0800

Lancia Phedra - to be replaced by a rebadged Chrysler Voyager

Now Fiat and Chrysler have had time to sort out what the future holds for their joint future we are starting to see some concrete details emerging from the US.

Chrysler revealed its grand five year plan this week and it seems clear that the only Chrysler brand that will see the light of day outside the US will be the Jeep. But even the Jeep is going to find itself endowed with Fiat underpinnings from 2013. The current Patriot and Compass will die and be replaced by a single C-Segment SUV with Fiat underpinnings. Jeep will also introduce a B-Segment SUV in 2013 also based on a Fiat platform. The Wrangler will continue but with “Major Modifications” in 2011.

Interestingly, Chrysler confirmed the other day that the Dodge Viper will end production next year to be replaced in 2012 with a new model. The Chrysler presentation confirmed that statement but it is at odds with the statement that Jeep will be the only Chrysler brand to be sold outside the US. Which logically means that the next generation Viper will be either the Lancia Viper or the Jeep Viper! So we guess that’s just a cock-up.

It also seems as if the Chrysler Voyager is going to be rebadged as a Lancia and take the place of the Lancia Phedra, with the next generation Chrysler 300C getting badged as a Lancia Thesis in Europe. Which leads us to believe that we will see the return of the Lancia badge to UK roads. We asked Fiat if they have plans to bring the rest of the Lancia range – or just to confirm the UK would get the rebadged Chryslers – but they said they were unable to comment.

So we’ll take that as a ‘Yes’ to the rebadged Chryslers and a ‘We don’t know yet’ to the rest of the Lancia range.

Nothing like making assumptions. Even if they’re very reasonable ones.

By Cars UK