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Citroen C4 2010/2011: Details and Photos

Tue, 01 Jun 2010 00:00:00 -0700

The 2011 Citroen C4 - debut at Paris & on sale late 2010.

Yes, we knew there was a new Citroen C4 coming to this year’s Paris Motor Show (there’s also the C4 based Citroen DS4 as well). What we hadn’t quite expected was for Citroen to divvy up any sort of detail on the C4 quite yet. But they have. Maybe they had a leak?

Citroen are calling the 201/2011 C4 a completely new car, which I suppose it is in the sense it has a complete set of new boy panels. But the C4 still sits on the same – although modified – chassis as the current C4 although it has grown – it is now longer, wider and taller.

Citroen seem keen to mark the C4′s territory and are declaring it as a five door car only, with no plans to spawn a coupe of performance version, no doubt in a concerted effort to leave the ‘Premium’ models to be badged DS4.

In terms of engines, expect no surprises. The 2011 Citroen C4 will sport the same range of PSA engines as the current C4, although it is expected that we will see the diesel hybrid Citroen have been developing, which they plan on being the first diesel hybrid in a production passenger car next year. Citroen have already said that they expect the hybrid to come at a premium of £2,000 over the regular diesel but that it will reduce emissions by 35%. That’s CO2 emissions. If you consider it relevant – beyond your tax bill.

Despite clearly defining the C4 as a rung or two down the ladder from the DS4, Citroen are pulling out the stops to fight off the competition. Interior room is generous and the boot has a 408 litre capacity. Lots of toys will be on offer such as adaptive headlights, lane departure and blind spot monitor.

As usual, detail but no detail. But then Citroen will want to spin this out for a while. We know the new C4 will go on sale after the Paris Motor Show (although it will no doubt be in to 2011 before the UK gets it), so expect more as we approach Paris later in the year – including prices and proper model detail.

By Cars UK