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Citroen GT (GTbyCitroen Concept) – in the flesh

Sat, 23 May 2009 00:00:00 -0700

The GTbyCitroen Concept (Citroen GT) is making a Summer tour of Motor Events in Europe

Which all fits very well with Citroen’s desire to reposition itself as a Premium Brand. The new range of Citroen DS models is part of that way forward, and Citroen obviously believes – probably quite rightly – that the Citroen GT is potentially a great ‘Halo’ model for the company.

So Citroen are going to spend the Summer schmoozing with the Citroen GT at some high profile events. From our point of view, here in the UK, the most notable is the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which takes place on 3-5th July. Not only will the Citroen GT be there, but it has been rumoured that it may even do the hill climb, with Citroen’s star driver and Race of Champions title holder, Sebastian Loeb at the wheel. But that is just a rumour, so don’t go expecting – just hope it happens.

Also on the calendar is a ‘Parade Lap’ at the start of the Nurburgring 24hr today, after which the GT will be on display at the Polyphony stand. In mid-June the GT will also show up at Le Mans.

Citroen have given no indication yet of how production-ready the car that will be doing the rounds this Summer is, nor when we can expect the first car to be built for sale. In fact, we’re still not sure what engine the Citroen GT will be running. There doesn’t seem a sensible fit with anything Citroen could offer in-house, so in all probability the GT will get a V8 from Ford.

But it’s good to see some positives from a company like Citroen. Of course, cars like this are for a very limited number of customers, but the fact that Citroen is pushing the GTbyCitroen forward is a clear indication of their confidence that the world will return to normal sooner rather than later.

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