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Citroen Survolt – Electric Sports Concept at Geneva

Tue, 02 Mar 2010 00:00:00 -0800

The Citroen Survolt Concept gets an airing at Geneva

Citroen has a long, long history. In fact, it’s ninety years old (we did a ‘Citroen at 90′ story a few months ag0 with an interesting history video) and it’s always been a one-off. It’s cars – and it’s designs – have run the gamut from sublime to ridiculous and all points in between. This is a company that produced the 2CV for years whilst happily churning out the Citroen SM Supercar.

And despite a somewhat bland period in its recent history it is once again producing cars with some real style and pushing the design boundries with concept cars at every opportunity. And Geneva sees another Citroen concept, this time an electric sports car concept which looks familiar. Not because Citroen has shown the Citroen Survolt Concept before, but because it’s a dead ringer for the love child of the Citroen Revolte Concept and the GT by Citroen Supercar.

Appearence can be deceptive in pictures, so we need to point out that the Citroen Survolt is not a big sports job like the GT by Citroen, it’s more super-mini sized. And it looks as if Citroen has no real plans to build it for the road, but perhaps as a limited run for a track series. An electric one-make track series could be fun. The Survolt gets a 200kW electric motor and batteries dotted all over the car, but Citroen are not revealing – if they even know – what sort of performance the Survolt could deliver.

You’ve got to love the freedom Citroen is giving their designers and engineers to innovate.

By Cars UK