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College Exhibition: Umea Degree Show 2006

Mon, 03 Jul 2006 00:00:00 -0700

Students at Sweden's Umea University Institute of Design presented their work in the annual Degree Show in June, which included work from the Masters programmes in Transportation Design, Advanced Product Design, and Interaction Design along with projects from the Bachelor level graduates. The degree exhibition returned this year to the school following a major renovation that has greatly extended the school's facilities. 10 students graduated from the Transportation Design MA programme.

This year's MA Transportation Design degree programme was led by new TD Programme Leader Lasse Pettersson (former Volvo Cars designer, currently at Epsilon Perspectives), and Taras Czornyj (GME Advanced Design) has done the external tutoring once again this year.

The degree projects included:

Luxury Icon for the next generation
Dong-Yen Ryu (Korea). In collaboration with Toyota Auto Body

This two-seat recreational sports vehicle uses a joystick to control the car, similar to 3D gaming. The windscreen is completely digital and stretches over the entire roof allowing the driver and passenger to relax in a reclined position. The driving experience can be recorded, to allow you to watch and enjoy your trip later. Sensors record not only the visual, but audio and dynamic data, so that the car can act as a simulator providing a lifelike playback of your trip.

Mars crew exploration vehicle
Hirash Razaghi (Finland). In collaboration with Land Rover and the Institute of Space Physics

NASA plans a manned mission to Mars in 2030. The harsh environment requires a capable vehicle. AELITA, Crew Exploration Rover enables 'marsonauts' to explore the surface of Mars. The vehicle accomodates four people for multi-week trips.

Juan Carlos Catano Cano (Mexico).

Designed for the year 2020, MOOD is a hip, flexible and versatile interior concept that adapts to different driving environments defined by your mood. This is the perfect customization for the information and technology generation. Seating, storage and control configurations alter to allow for everything from sporting driving, to cargo carrying, and socialising. The changes in the vehicle are set by your state of mind and how you feel in certain situations.

Volvo Smyge
Jakob Annermalm (Sweden). In collaboration with Volvo Cars.

This project aims to find a new design language for Volvo, and to improve the image of the brand further. A philosophy was proposed, that is balanced between two sources. On one side the poems written 'with the word mystique tickling the mind', as mystique best represents the nature and landscape of Sweden. Aerodynamics were the other source of inspiration, seeking a shape that floats through the elements.

Fashion-inspired car for BMW
Maria Balthammar (Sweden). In collaboration with BMW

The concept is a fashionable combustion and electric hybrid coupe for the city minded in 2020. Fashion has inspired the form language, surfaces and line treatments of the car, challenging the pre-concieved idea of a sporty coupe. Subtly patterened textiles are wrapped over the upper surfaces of the car, and flex to cover panel openings.

Scania Sports Utility Pickup
David Skoog (Sweden). In collaboration with Scania.

The idea for this degree project is based on a scenario that Scania use their leading position in the business to seek new markets and new product segments.The intention has been to achieve a very tough powerful look with a touch of Scandinavia. One goal with the design has also been to achieve an expression of strength and durability in the design language, with a solid stance 'almost as if it was ready to drag something heavy'.