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College Exhibition: Umea Institute of Design Degree Show 2004

Wed, 11 Aug 2004 00:00:00 -0700Students at Sweden's Ume? University Institute of Design presented their work in the annual Degree Show in June, which included work from the Masters programmes in Transportation Design, Advanced Product Design, and Interaction Design along with the final thesis projects from the Bachelor level graduates.

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The degree students from the three year bachelor programme showed their 10 week final degree projects in Industrial Design, and the two year Masters Programmes presented their 20 week final degree works.

From January to May, seven students under the guidance of Anders Gunnarson (programme leader) and Ajay Jain (project tutor - GM Advanced Design) developed their final graduation projects to obtain the Masters Degree in Transportation Design, working in close cooperation with the industry, in some cases on internal work at the design studios. The students presented a range of projects dealing with transportation industry demands and future visions of mobility.

Daniel Forsgren (Sweden) presented the short animation 'A-K-A The Journey Begins 2004'. In his project the entertainment media is used to create a conceptual expression for the SAAB brand. The vehicle appears in a movie environment and is designed for the main character Gaia. Gaia is the bright spot in a dull and sterile future environment. Trying to find her way out, she escapes through the tunnel systems in her custom-made Saab. Daniel worked under the guidance of designers from GM Advanced Design in Gothenburg, Sweden.

G?ran H?rnvall (Sweden) created 'Tai Mu - Ride and Learn', a motorcycle concept with the next step of safety in mind. These safety features are incorporated into the bike's physical form. It has a safety prevention interface which communicates with the driver, and assists the rider with instant feedback information, guidance, and knowledge. This enables the rider to become safer and more aware, helping to avoid crucial and potentially fatal accidents. The aesthetics of the bike are based on the ever so popular scooter design since it has many features that are appealing in an urban environment.

Improvement of the operator environment in excavators was Jon H?kansson's (Sweden) theme. His Volvo CCE crawler excavator is equipped with a self-adjusting cabin and undercarriage featuring active hydraulic suspension. This feature combined with strong emphasis on interior ergonomics provides the operator with increased mobility, comfort and safety. Consideration has been given to strengthen the Volvo brand identity. Jon has collaborated with Volvo Construction Equipment and Epsilon perspectives design during his thesis project.

Jonas Sandstrom (Sweden) presented his project 'Mobility for the next generation'. Volkswagen HGT is an executive touring car designed considering the requirements of third-age customers. The emphasis has been on creating versatile and ergonomic solutions with a driver focus. Subtle application of technology aids traffic awareness and increases safety. Jonas worked in cooperation with Volkswagen in Germany.

Patrik Andersson (Sweden) designed the Volvo Care Concept Car, a vehicle concept with its main focus on occupant safety in the small car segment. This vehicle explores some new and innovative design ideas and solutions concerning this growing issue in the automotive industry today. The vehicle's exterior structure clearly represents Patrik's efforts to visually expose most of the safety features implemented in his concept.

The Chevrolet Americana by Timothy Shaw (USA) is a crossover vehicle pioneered around the concept of exporting the unique identity and 'essence of Americana' to Europe and abroad. Its all-glass canopy embraces the rear roof section creating the feeling of open space and natural light in the interior compartment which resembles the pioneering wagons of the American west. Its rugged, versatile, and refined nature was inspired by the spirit of America's heritage for the rest of the world to experience. This project was done in collaboration with the GM Advanced Design Studio, UK.

Wei Chang (China) presented her 'Truck for China', a project developed in cooperation with Volvo Truck Corporation. Wei designed an urban delivery truck targeted for the Chinese market in 2020. Her key design considerations were to improve driver visibility and pedestrian safety for China's congested cities and streets, and create a friendlier exterior appearance. The Chinese dragon was the design inspiration behind her concept.

The graduates exhibition this June included work from the BA in Industrial Design course as well as the Masters Programmes. The projects were exhibited at the Image Museum (Bildmus?et) in Ume?, and then at a Volvo showroom in Stockholm later in the month.