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Concept Car of the Week: Aston Martin Bulldog

Fri, 14 Sep 2012

This week's Concept Car of the Week is one of the most outrageous expressions of the wedge profile from the most unlikely company, the Aston Martin Bulldog.

The Bulldog was officially launched on March 27, 1980 at the Bell Hotel at Aston Clinton, a sleepy English village. Its looks no doubt caused quite a stir amongst the locals.

It was designed by William Towns, the man also responsible for the similarly geometric 1974 Aston Martin Lagonda and completed his vision for a truly futuristic range of Astons.

Developed under the codename ‘DP K9', named after a character in British sci-fi TV show Doctor Who, the Bulldog measured just 1,100mm high. Its profile was exceptionally clean thanks to flush glazing and a full width headlamp arrangement that was hidden behind a drop-down flap on the hood.

Lifting up the vast gullwing doors revealed an interior swathed in traditional leather craftsmanship and not-so-traditional digital instrumentation including a rear view displayed on a screen in the center console.

First test driven in late 1979, the Bulldog achieved a top speed of 307km/h (190mph), but the theoretical top speed is thought to be at 381km/h (237mph). The Bulldog was sold at auction after the program was abandoned.

After some time in the United States the car eventually made its way home, for sale with a new green paint job instead of the original's silver and light grey. The interior also had been changed from the original dark brown and black to light tan.

Year 1980
First shown Bell Hotel, Aston Clinton
Designer William Towns
Length 4,724mm
Width 1,918mm
Wheelbase 2,769mm
Weight 1,727kg
Engine V8, 5.3 liter

By CDN Team