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Daihatsu Pico

Mon, 14 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0800

The second of Daihatsu's entourage of models is the Pico. Following the layout of a two-seat quadricycle, laid out by the Twizy, the Pico has been developed as a vehicle ‘offering the appeal that only a compact car can provide to accommodate social and environmental changes such as the aging population, regional locations and delivery businesses'.

The Pico features an LED central belt that circles the vehicle, relaying information such as the Pico's speed to pedestrians and other road users. The glass-less bar ‘doors' lift in a scissor fashion akin to the Smart Crossblade and offer some side impact protection to occupants.

The semi-outboard wheels go someway to visually balancing this tall, tandem-seat vehicle and the enclosed wheel hubs, with not-so-subtle green accents relay the eco-centric under pinnings. The large glass house is a reminder that the Pico has been developed for inner city commuting and offers a near uninterrupted 360-degree field of vision for driver and passenger.

Inside the Pico has a simple IP. Dominating this is a large screen relaying information to the driver. Another, smaller, screen gives information such as speed and range. The interior is similar to the recently announced Suzuki Q, in that it offers flexible arrangements allowing the Pico to be used as a small commercial vehicle.

Photo Gallery: Daihatsu Pico