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Denmark's Zenvo ST1 supercar lurks at the Geneva Auto Show

Wed, 05 Mar 2014 00:00:00 -0800

Zenvo launched the first ST1 about two and a half years ago and has sold “five, about” since then, though the company's press material lists only two sales. Founded by a Dane and headquartered just outside Copenhagen, the world's only Danish supercarmaker has since been bought by a Russian oligarch.

The Zenvo ST1 is designed, engineered and manufactured completely by Zenvo, which even made the engine.

“It's not a Corvette or anything,” said a company spokesman.

Indeed, the ST1's 6.8-liter V8 combines both super- and turbocharging to make 1104 hp in European trim and will make 1200 in U.S.-spec, the company says (would that push it into the realm of the hypercar?). Euro-spec torque is listed at 1055 lb ft. Zero to 62 mph comes up in precisely 2.69 seconds and top speed – limited by tires – is listed at 233 mph. To all of which we say, yow.

And yes, they have been laboring for the last two years on a U.S. version. Though none of the five sold so far have been sold here in America, Zenvo says it is working on U.S. certification. Price is 800,000 Euros, or about $1,097,000.

There are “seven to nine” cars almost ready to go at the factory that can be out the door in less than three months, we're told. Beyond that run, production of more cars will take a bit longer.

If the performance numbers are anywhere near what Zenvo claims, and if U.S. certification is, indeed coming -- a hurdle higher than merely making horsepower -- then we will get excited. For now, check out

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By Mark Vaughn