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Design Contest: Stile Italiano Giovani 2008

Tue, 21 Oct 2008 00:00:00 -0700

The Association of the Automotive Industry (ANFIA) Italian Car Coachbuilders Group last month announced the results of the ‘Stile Italiano Giovani 2008' design competition. Open to non-professional car designers and design students worldwide, the competition - which began in May 2008 - culminated in a collection of 20 designs selected by a jury composed of representatives from leading Italian coachbuilders.

Porsche 917 Concept (First Prize)
Adriano Stellino

First prize was awarded to Adriano Stellino for his Porsche 917 concept. Heir to the Porsche 911 GTI and 917, both winners at the Le Mans 24-hour race, the concept has a highly innovative body featuring an unusual rear overhang and wings, which replace the conventional spoiler. In order to save weight, carbon fiber was used for the body shell and many other components, such as the dashboard, steering wheel and pedals. The wheels feature five-spoke carbon, which hide five dark-colored magnesium spokes. The latter has aerodynamic sections, which can generate negative lift. A camera placed above the glazed roof provides the driver rear view directly through the multi-functional digital monitor. The package also includes space for two made-to-measure bags.

Lamborghini Lidia (Second prize)
Luis Gonzales Camino Calleja

The idea behind this project, which was awarded second place, was to create an extreme sports car with stunning looks and performance for the 50-60 year old Lamborghini client, while providing the practicality of a VW Golf's ride height, seating position and a standard sized trunk. The name 'La Lidia', which refers to the art of bullfighting, is strongly related to Lamborghini's history. Several styling cues are inspired by aspects of bullfighting, such as the crisscrossing pattern repeated through the act of fighters being gored. Other inspirations come from the Spartan helmets in the '300' movie.

Trioba 2+1 (Third prize)
Shashwath Bolar

This high-performance electric sports car for the year 2020 was inspired by organic and asymmetrical forms in nature, fashion and sculpture. Mainly for right hand drive markets, the Trioba 2+1 is based on the research topic: ‘How does a three-seat car enhance and affect exterior design?' Changing the perception of electric cars from being perceived as a boring ‘green box', the unique and interesting concept makes being green a fashion statement. Among the design elements are asymmetrical hood and body panels, which creates interesting highlights, provides trunk space and a spare wheel. The passenger side features an asymmetrical gull-wing door for easy access into the cabin.

OSMI - Individual vehicle (Auto & Design Award)
Kristina Magnitskaya

The OSMI is a conceptual project targeted at individuals looking at higher comfort levels in their vehicles. Special features of the concept include high exterior visibility from within the cabin, a high level of privacy, compact dimensions, good maneuverability and eco-friendliness. The vehicle could be ideally used in airports, exhibitions, parks and resorts. Fully controlled through an electronic multi-functional handle, which folds up when the lateral glass opens/closes during ingress and egress, the vehicle also features integrated storage compartments at the rear.

Carlo Alberto Cauchi

This project was an attempt to apply soft Italian styling to the German brand - effectively creating a car that combined both elements. The concept borrows the basic design cues of the BMW brand. For the form language, it derives inspiration from the pleasing visual sensation of sinuous curves and spirals caused by the movement of the aircraft propeller. The project could also be used as a hire car, which combines luxury and comfort. It can be controlled via a joystick placed between both front seats.

All 20 finalists' projects will be on display at the Palazzo Torino Esposizioni in Turin, Italy until 23 November 2008. But if you'd rather save the trip, visit the gallery link above for a closer view.

By Shashwath Bolar