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Electric Ford Focus goes on sale in U.S. at $40k

Sun, 06 Nov 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Electric Ford Focus goes on sale in US at $40k

One thing’s for sure. No one is going to buy an electric Ford Focus on price.

Ford has announced that the all electric BEV Focus is now available to order in the US, and it’s up for sale at an eye-watering $40k (well, $39,995). True, it’s eleigible for a $7500 bribe from the US government, but that’s ma heck of a lot to pay for a Focus in the US – double the price of an entry-level Focus.

At that price, the Focus comes in at almost $4k more than the comparable Nissan LEAF – which we thought was a daft enough price point already – and within a whisker of the far more practical Chevrolet Volt ($41k).

Still, Ford must expect there are enough muppets out there who will be through the nose for a car which does everything less well than the entry-level ICE focus just so they can polish their green halo.

The electric Focus comes with a MyFord Mobile App for checking on the state of the battery charge and remote starting as well as a sensible – if not comprehensive – spec of 17″ alloys, rear camera, voice-activated SatNav, Sony audio, Bluetooth, AirCon and an 8″ touchscreen. The only extras available are leather and paint.

Perhaps a good indication of the mind-set Ford expects from potential Focus BEV customers is the blurb on the reservations page for the electric Focus.

Ford are at pains to point out that you can be a real fluffy bunny lover in your new Focus, as the seats are made from ’100 percent post-industrial materials – polyester fibers that would have ended up in landfills otherwise‘, and that the cushions use  ’polyurethane foam derived from the oils of various plant seeds such as soybeans‘. Beans and waste, eh?Deal done, then.

You won’t be flying around too much in your new electric Focus, with just 121bhp available from its electric motor and a top speed of 84mph. It will take three hours to recharge the batteries on the Focus EV from a 240 volt system, but as America uses 120 volts we have no idea how long it will take in the real world. Twice as long, we surmise.

Ford say they are kicking off sales of the electric Focus in California and New York and plan on adding further states in the New Year.

You pays your money and takes your choice.

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