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Enzo Spyder Prototype – the Greek version!

Tue, 29 Dec 2009 00:00:00 -0800

The Greek Enzo Spyder Prototype

All the talk of late about Ferrari Supercars has been on the replacement for the Enzo – the F70/FX70 – which we recently reported will feature a turbo V8 instead of a V12. But it would seem there is an Enzo Spyder Prototype hidden away in Greece – and it’s now up for sale.

But don’t get too excited. Although the Enzo Spyder is billed as a Ferrari prototype on Ebay, it is in fact the creation of one Papanagnou Dimitris of Athens. He claims top have spent two years hand-building the Enzo Spyder, which appears to have a 3.7 litre Audi V8 and AWD and is quite possibly built on an old A8 chassis.

I’m not too sure that the carbon fibre body is exactly cutting edge quality, but the accommodating Mr Dimitris is happy to paint it in any colour you want.  And he says the car is 97% ready and just needs painting, doors and some seats (apparently you can have Recaros).

And what does the enterprising Papanagnou want for his stunning creation? A paltry £500,000. Plus tax. For which, at a pinch, you could bag yourself a mileagy Enzo – one that was actually built by Ferrari.

But then it wouldn’t be the ultra-rare, Greek Spyder version. Get in quick.

By Cars UK