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F1: New rules for 2011; 4-pot turbos for 2013

Mon, 13 Dec 2010 00:00:00 -0800

Turbo engines back in F1 in 2013. First turbo F1 - the Renault RS01 - pictured

As anyone who keeps even the mostĀ casualĀ of eyes on F1 knows, rules and regulations in the sport are there to be changed. And they are, with great frequency, as teams get better and better at exploiting current rules. Or if it’s politically expedient. Or if Bernie wants it.

So with the 2010 season done and dusted – one of the best in years – it’s time to have a tweak and a play with rules and regs to keep the teams on their toes.

Next season (2011) will see the return of electric motors and KERS to give a 6 second plus burst of power a lap from recovered kinetic energy. We were expecting the power boost to increase but it seems everyone is happy with the 2009 levels returning.

New tyre suppliers Pirelli (Bridgestone drop out of F1) are in play from 2011 and with more stable front tyres we will see the introduction of adjustable rear wings, and team orders are to be allowed. As long as they don’t bring the sport in to disrepute. Clear as mud then.

There will also be a ban on the double diffuser next year and the FIA will be looking closely at flexible wings. The f-Duct also gets banned.

Big changes come in 2013, with the current V8 engines dropped and replaced by 1.6 litre, 4-pot turbo lumps, obviously as sop to the Green lobby. As if twenty four cars running a few times a year make any difference. As if any cars make any difference to climate change.

Also on the cards for 2013 is a reduction to just five engines per season – with a further reduction to four engines in 2014 – and gearboxes will have to survive five races.

Fiddling at the edges for 2011, with the big change for 2013. But the new 4-pot turbos should still deliver over 900bhp – the same as this year’s V8s.

By Cars UK