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Ferrari 250 GTO – the ‘Budget’ version

Fri, 06 Aug 2010 00:00:00 -0700

The 250 GTO Evocazione - a replica Ferrari 250 GTO

The last time we had a Ferrari 250 GTO in the news was when we broke the story that Chris Evans had acquired a Ferrari 250 GTO for an undiclosed price (thought to be £12 million +). And, much though it pains us to suggest it, the Ferrari 250 GTO Chris bought was not actually the most desirable of 250 GTOs. For that you’d be looking much closer to £20 million.

And when you spend that sort of money on a car it must make you just a little twitchy when you find yourself stuck in a jam on the M25, or surrounded by crowds as you weave your way through central London. But if you have enough in the bank to pay from £12-20 million in the first place, perhaps the motoring equivalent of paste jewellery will appeal?

Historics at Brooklands is offering a replica Ferrari 250 GTO based on an original, matching numbers, right hand drive Ferrari 330 GT. It is said to be a faithful recreation of the only RHD 250 GTO built. This copy – dubbed the 250 GTO Evocazione – was finished in 1993 and has a shortened and converted chassis, handmade aluminium body, a number of GTO parts, 400mm GTO steering wheel, original gauges and the correct 7″ and 8″ front/rear wire wheels.

So what is the ‘Copy’ worth? Historics are looking for something in the region of £240,000, which seems something of a bargain, certainly if you want a copy of what you’ve already got.

Ferrari tend to take a dim view on ‘Replicas’. If this was Italy we think the 250 GTO Evocazione would probably be crushed, not auctioned.

By Cars UK