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Ferrari 599 GTO

Thu, 08 Apr 2010 00:00:00 -0700

The Ferrari 599 GTO is the third in an illustrious line of Gran Turismo Omologato models from Maranello. It may look like a lightly modified GTB Fiorano, but is, in fact, almost entirely new. The hood's prominent center bulge and aerodynamic wheel disks are a hat-tip to Ferrari's F1 cars, while the contrasting matte black roof and flying buttresses visually lower the center of gravity and break up the 599's mass.

The rest of the redesigned bodywork does little to develop the marque's design language but its multitude of air intakes and outlets, an integrated rear wing and extensive underbody aerodynamic profiling reduce its Cd while also increasing downforce. The body is of thinner gauge aluminum in traditional Superleggera style and with the aero advances, ensures the 599 GTO is not only more economical than the standard car, but also faster than the Enzo.

Inside, leather gives way to utilitarian cloth while the driver is presented with a ‘Virtual Race Engineer', a system that relays every aspect of the car's performance to the driver. Despite its visual familiarity, the 599 GTO's design shows Ferrari's future direction of increased performance through increased efficiency.

We'll bring you more information and our own unique images of the Ferrari 599 GTO live from Auto China in Beijing.