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Ferrari FF: Geneva FF debut and first FF interiors

Tue, 01 Mar 2011 00:00:00 -0800

The Ferrari FF takes a bow at Geneva - in white

We’ve had plenty to say about the Ferrari FF, Ferrari’s controversially-styled replacement for the 612 Scaglietti. The jury seems to be out on its design, with as many dissenters of the new Ferrari direction as applauders.

But you can count us impressed, even more so now the FF has hit the floor in Geneva. It’s exactly what a four-seat Ferrari should be about. It offers a decent amount of space for four – more than the 612 did – and it also has more luggage space.

With its 4WD – a Ferrari first – it will be a brilliant car for the wealthy family, something Ferrari seem obsessed with showing with their endless FF in the Snow VTs and photos.

But you can’t blame Ferrari for working hard to give perspective to the FF. They decided long ago that the Shooting Brake route was a good way to go, they now just have the rest of the world to convince.

The interior shots of the Ferrari FF released this morning also help convince. The seats are magnesium and body-hugging and come in six colours of extra-soft leather. As the back seats are big enough to take real people you can opt for rear entertainment with a pair of screens.

And once you are four-up, either watching a DVD in the back or listening to something Vivaldi-ish (good driving music) on the 1280 watt sound system, you can at least take a change of clothes in a boot that can take 450 litres of luggage. Leave your passengers behind and you can lug almost twice that.

And all the time you’ll have 660bhp of Ferrari V12-ness to play with.


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