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Fiat 500 Cabrio hits the US

Sat, 16 Apr 2011

The Fiat 500 Cabrio hits the US for Spring

Actually, we’re not completely convinced that the Fiat 500 cabrio (that’s Fiat 500 Convertible for those of us on the old continent who prefer real words)  has hit the US. Because although Fiat has told us the 500 Cabrio hits the US ‘Just in time for spring’, it doesn’t say when US customers will start to get cars.

Which may be a bit nit-picking, but there doesn’t seem much point saying it’s hitting in time for Spring when Spring’s a third done and there’s still no date. Still, just a grumpy Saturday moan. It gave them a hook for the press release.

But whether or not US buyers can walk in to a Fiat showroom today and walk out with a nice, shiny, new Fiat 500 Cabrio or not, they’ll have a ball when they do. Because the 500 Cabrio manages to evoke all the fun of its tiny predecessor even better than the tin-top 500.

The electric cloth roof sliding back on the almost Landaulette setup – where the top slides on rails atop the fixed-framed side windows – gives all the joy of open-air motoring with less flexing and less billowing than you’d expect from a tiny convertible.

US customers will be able to opt for three different colours for the cloth roof and a dozen or more exterior and interior colours, which should make it unlikely you’ll bump in to another 500 Cabrio owner with exactly the same combo.

If you want some real summer fun in a little soft-top that’s a real hoot you really can’t go wrong with the 500 Cabrio. And if you want a look before you buy, Fiat are taking the 500 Cabrio to the New York Motor Show this month.

Good things really can come in small packages.

By Cars UK