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Ford Fiesta SportVan – more car than van

Tue, 10 Mar 2009 00:00:00 -0700

Commercial vehicles is not exactly our stock in trade. We tend not to give you news and info on the latest commercial releases from the like of LDV or Renault, mainly because our readers aren’t really that interested (but if we’re wrong, tell us and we will!). But this is one van we will make an exception for.

Not designed to be a big, load-carrying workhorse, the Fiesta Van is however a big seller. From florists to plumbers, the Fiesta van sells well and is a great car-based van.

The Ford Fiesta SportVan - a great little van

But the new Ford Fiesta van, and particularly the Ford Fiesta SportVan, makes running around the place with deliveries or services much less of a chore. And we have to say, this is the best looking little van we’ve seen.

With a choice of engines, including the 1.25 petrol and a 1.4 and 1.6 diesel, the Fiesta Van feels very car-like to drive. With a decent payload (around 500kg) and a load area of around 1,000 cubic litres, the Fiesta Van is a great little workhorse.

You get a choice of three models – the Entry, the Trend and the SportVan. Prices start at £9,025 (+vat) for the entry level, rising to £10,780 (+vat) for the SportVan. For our money the SportVan is the looker and the pick, but all these vans would do a fine job.

Maybe we should get a Cars UK SportVan. Problem is, we don’t have anything physical to transport!

By Cars UK