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Ford Focus Electric tease begins

Mon, 03 Jan 2011 00:00:00 -0800

Ford tease the Focus Electric on their Facebook page.

Ford has promised that there will be an electric version of the 2011 Ford Focus by 2012. Which we’ve gone on record as saying is a daft idea. Why would you want an electric car the size of the Focus when electric cars only really work around town? Surely it would make far more sense to make the electric car from Ford the Ka or maybe the Fiesta?

But we’re in a minority with our views, or so the electric car advocates would have us believe. And those advocates now include you and me – the UK taxpayer – as we’re subsidising makers of electric cars to the tune of £5k for every electric car they sell. And that subsidy – and similar subsidies from governments around the world – explains in part why car makers are pursuing electric cars with a passion. It’s all about making money.

As part of their sales pitch for the Electric Ford Focus, Ford has dropped the teaser image you see above – complete with ‘filler’ cap that glows like Tron – on to their Facebook page. They’re trumpeting that:

“On Friday at 11 AM PST, CEO Alan Mulally will have big news from the 2011 International CES in Las Vegas. We’ll broadcast his keynote address on a Livestream tab on this page and have exclusive technology news every hour leading up to his address.”

So what’s the big news? Maybe the electric Ford Focus will ‘only’ cost £10k more than a regular Ford Focus? Or maybe Ford has managed to get the electric Ford Focus to go a whole 100 miles without needing an 8 hour recharge? Who knows. But you can be sure that in every way, shape and form the electric Ford Focus will be vastly inferior to the regular ICE Ford Focus.

But at least the electric Ford Focus has a filler cap that glows like Tron.

By Cars UK