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Ford drives the Peel P50 in to the new Transit – and turns it around

Tue, 06 May 2014 00:00:00 -0700

The Peel P50 drives in to the new Ford Transit

The new Ford Transit offers lots of room for ‘Stuff’, something Ford decided to demonstrate by enlisting the world’s smallest car to demonstrate. It may be simply a take on Jeremy Clarkson’s games with the Peel in and around the BBC Television Centre – and you don’t get John Humphries driving the Peel or Fiona Bruce (and her bottom) pushing it back out – but you do get a good idea of just how big the new Transit is.

We’re not entirely sure that turning the Peel around in the Transit – and yes, this Peel is fitted with a reverse gear, unlike Clarkson’s – demonstrates the Transit is any bigger than just driving in and driving out would, but the endless faffing to achieve an about turn is an excuse to use some Benny Hill-esque music to pass the time.

It’s a good pitch for the capaciousness of the new Ford Transit, and an accidental pitch for the Peel, because you can still buy a Peel P50 (and the ‘Sporty Peel Trident) from Peel Engineering, although you’d better be quick as Peel say there are just a few left (which they also said in 2012).

As for the Transit, that’s an easy buy – and a sensible one.

By Cars UK