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G-Wiz maker Reva announce new electric cars

Tue, 08 Sep 2009

The Reva NXR - one of two new electric cars Reva re bringing to Frankfurt

Reva plan on introducing two new cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month. The first is the Reva NXR, which is a three-door, four seat family hatchback scheduled to launch in 2010. The second is a sporty, targa-topped two-seater – the Reva NXG – that won’t go in to production until 2011. Good Lord.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the news Reva sent us is that they are going to offer something they call REVive, which they refer to as a technology to address ‘Range Anxiety’. Reva are saying that if a driver runs out of juice whilst out and about, all they need do is text or call Reva for a an instant remote charge. How the hell are they going to do that? Has Reva developed a system that can send electricity through radio waves? I’m sure it may be technically possible, but surely it would fry your brains in the process?

I can’t say I’d normally get too excited at the launch of a gunge-green G-Wiz, but I’m intrigued as to what ‘Instant Remote Charging’ can be. Truth is that Reva will probably only offer this in capital cities, and it’ll turn out to be a man in a big lorry driving round town with a huge battery charger on the back.

That’ll be ‘Eco’, then.

By Cars UK