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Goodwood Festival of Speed 2011 photo gallery

Sun, 03 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0700

Welcome to CAR Magazine's photo galleries from the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Scroll through our pictures and snippets from the Festival in our blog below. We've been updating with more photographs over the weekend, so flick through the Goodwood Festival of Speed blog below for coverage and live photos from Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


The last airworthy Vulcan bomber thunders over the Goodwood crowd for a lunchtime flyby.

Stunt riders get airborne at the SEAT-sponsored extreme sports area

What is it about English chaps named May and mad hair? Brian May at the FoS interview area

Rene Arnoux drives the Renault RS1 F1 car up the Goodwood Hill

Bentley boys: Derek Bell and Juha Kankkunen at the Bentley area, after the morning supercar run was curtailed due to an accident on the track.

Adrian Newey catches up with old friend Bobby Rahal after driving CAR up the Goodwood hill in an Infiniti M35 hybrid. We were glad for the Infiniti's comfortable passenger seat, but suspect Red Bull's tech guru would have had more fun in the Red Bull RB1 F1 car yesterday.

Lewis Hamilton indulges his inner hoon to the delight of the Goodwood crowd with a series of tyre-shredding burnouts and donuts down the up and down the Goodwood hill in his 2008 championship-winning MP4-23 F1 car

That's the same Lamborghini Performante we drove in our McLaren group test this month. CAR's Ben Pulman drove it up the Goodwood hill on Sunday morning. But correspondent Mark Hamilton got snarled up in traffic and missed his place with the Ice Speed Record Bentley... in the end that run was cancelled as an Alpina went off track beforehand. Juha Kankunnen, the Bentley ice driver and all-round race legend, says he expects Bentley to go after more ice records this winter and gave us a nod and a wink when we asked if he was involved in VW's Polo R WRC programme (his winter driving school in Finland uses mostly VWs)... 

CAR's Ben Pulman queues for the first supercar run of the day on Sunday. There's every supercar on sale today at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Note more sunshine!

Tom Chilton smoking his way past Lord March's pad in his BTCC-spec Ford Focus.

Kris Meeke in his new WRC Mini Countryman. Donuts on the lawn always a crowd pleaser!

Terry Grant on his way to the top of the hill on two wheels again. A great view of the Nissan Juke's floorpan.

Ferraris SA Aperta, 599 GTO, F40 and more. It's like Chris Evans' own personal garage. But you'll see them all at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on the Sunday.

Lewis Hamilton running his 2008 spec F1 car up the Goodwood hill.

Heading back into the Supercar Paddock, trailing the Exige based Venom GT and a Lambo Aventador driven by Max Venturi.

Chris Meeke's WRC Mini on burn-out duty in front of LM's house.

Bad behaviour encouraged at the Festival of Speed, although self-styled hooligan Ken Block won't impress Goodwood's groundsmen after taking to the lawn.

Yep, Block's made a lovely donut shaped mess of the grass. Great car control though. This man's enthusiasm for going sideways is infectious.

Red Bull Camry Nascar joined in the burn-out action too. It's a transatlantic trend.

Aston Martin One-77. Now on sale, but still a rare sight.

The Citroen Survolt: not your average cashback Citroen, eh? Whirred eerily up the hill, looks v striking.

Morgan chose the Festival of Speed 2011 as the launchpad for its new Three Wheeler. Old charm meets slightly more modern engineering. We're trying one soon.


Over at the Style et Luxe. Connaught Type D GT: oh dear... was it styled by Subaru?

Lea-Francis 230/30, also at the Cartier Style et Luxe. The obscurest comeback attempt of 1996.

Invicta S1 at the 2011 Style et Luxe concours. CAR actually drove it, but success evaded the Invicta.

Jensen CV8 at the Cartier enclosure. Note to anyone looking to revive Jensen again: go with the classic Interceptor GT as your inspiration, not the awkward-faced CV8.

The CAR booth gave punters a chance to try out a copy of CAR Magazine.

Interesting retro poster for E-type golden anniversary. Goodwood's crawling with E-types this year - they're everywhere!

That nose-diving E-type really stands out - even from the other side of the site

Infiniti Etherea in the FoSTECH new, eco tech zone.

Another Transformers film, another gratuitous Chevy Camaro picture. Robot in disguise not included.

When your DNA was a big-block Corvette we'd agree with you. But an Aveo is a different matter...

Ferrari 458 Italia slings into the first corner. Note the sunshine - it' s a refreshingly bright and dry Festival so far.

And then a Ferrari California blares past the hay bales. We prefer the sound of the Italia.

It's not just production Ferraris at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed. F1 test driver Marc Gene swung by too. Swanning up Lord March's front driveway is presumably somewhat easier than testing a contemporary F1 car.

Ferrari's museum relinquished this glorious 1973 312 B3 for a blast up the hill

The procession of Jaguars gathers for the run up the hill. Racer and writer Mr Dron wears earplugs.


Hulme Can-Am Spyder: New Zealand-built supercar concept powered by a mid-mounted Chevrolet V8 and named after 1967 Formula 1 champion and McLaren Can-Am racer Denny Hulme. Hence the McLaren orange colour scheme.

I'm not sure what the Caparo T1's excuse is for being orange but the similar-looking supercar tailed the Hulme up Goodwood Hill.

Bristol Fighter - also painted orange - also at Goodwood on Friday, despite but the company collapsing into administration earlier this year. Bristol Cars now part of Frazer-Nash Engineering. Quite a contrast to the 911 that followed it up the hill. 

It's the 911 GT3 RS 4.0: Andreas Preuninger, head of GT type cars at Porsche Motorsports, took Mark Hamilton for a ride up the hill in his company car. Tips for Porsche fanatics: go for the carbonfibre sports seats (they are surprisingly comfortable), don't feel the need to delete comfort options like air-con or the PCM multimedia screen, and don't fiddle with the exhaust and suspension on your GT3 RS! If you want a project car, get a regular Carrera.

The E-Type sculpture at the 2011 Festival of Speed. It's better than it looks in photos, but we can't help thinking it should point upwards, instead of crashing into the ground in front of Goodwood House.

Nissan sends the Juke up Goodwood Hill on two wheels. Not weird enough? They're also flinging the Leaf EV into the hillclimb backwards (the Leaf can hit the same top speed going backwards as it can going forwards). A push-me-pull-you EV?

Ken Blocked. The Peugeot 205T16 decided to break down on the hillclimb, meaning the gymkhana fanatic was stopped part way up the hill.

Kris Meeke in the Mini JCW Countryman WRC car. This is due to test CAR's motion sickness levels riding in this car this afternoon. Full report later.

Peugeot 207 IRC car performs donuts as it heads up the Goodwood Hill.