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Guy Ritchie wrecks Top Gear Cars

Sun, 06 Dec 2009

Guy Richie wrecks four Top Gear Cars in SIARPC

There have been one or two ‘Stars in a reasonably priced car’ who seem intent on wrecking the Top Gear car. Most of those have been our Colonial cousins who don’t understand the concept of using your left foot to change gear, nor do they seem to understand that you also need to use your left hand in sync with your left foot to do so. We shouldn’t mock the afflicted – no discrimination at Cars UK.

Some stars had the car conspire against them – such as Lionel Richie who had a wheel come off – but most Top Gear car wrecks have been down to a lack of skill. But it would seem that Mr ex-Madonna – Guy Ritchie – set out to do as much damage as possible. Yes, the track was wet. But he seems to have set some sort of ┬áTop Gear record by wrecking four cars in a series of offs and mishaps, having to complete his fastest lap in the fifth car. To be honest, we didn’t know Top Gear had so many spare cars. And nor did we know that it was compulsory for anyone with the surname Richie/Ritchie to trash the cars.

According to an audience member at the recording of this week’s episode, Guy had more than a problem or two finding top gear, so it seems pretty unlikely he’ll be troubling the top of the leader board too much. Wonder if it was Madonna who taught Guy to drive?

And don’t forget that Top Gear is on at 8.30 tonight, not 9.00.

By Cars UK