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Hamana, hamana, hamana… SOLD!

Sat, 17 Jan 2009 00:00:00 -0800

The first thing that hits you driving over the hundreds of miles of desert on the way to see the monster Scottsdale classic and collector car auctions every January is the HUGE number of motor homes scattered willy nilly all across the sand and rocks like dice.

Every winter Arizona sprouts fields of Winnebegos and Hitchhiker IIs like big, rectangular wildflowers, only less pretty (Not counting the requisite lion and dolphin murals airbrushed on the backs, what are those about, anyway?). Can snowy winters in Saskatchewan really be that bad? Seriously, there are literally thousands of these things plopped all across the vast Sonora, just parked out among the Saguaros, side doors open, enormous retired couples straining lawn chairs, staring into space just waiting for winter to end so they can migrate back up north to do what, sit on those very same lawn chairs all summer? Don

By Mark Vaughn